MiMa Designs

I bought the most adorable mini calendar yesterday and just had to investigate the website of the design company that produced it.

Toronto based MiMa Designs is responsible for this new found spot of sunshine on my desk (pictured first). I was delightfully surprised to find colourful, graphic and unique everyday stationary, and wedding invitations as well!




Riley said...

Hi there! Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! In fact, I have just spent the last hour or so perusing through every single entry!
I live in Texas (where it's warmer!) and am planning my wedding that will be in November. I've gotten the venue, the caterer, the photographer (who I adore!), the DJ, and THE DRESS... so now I'm down to what I am thinking of as "the details" - the cake, the invitations, the centerpieces, the color and design of the bridemaid dresses!
I will definitely be checking out your blog for inspiration! I am trying to DIY as much as I can as I think it makes it more personal. Plus, it's just more fun! And less expensive!

Keep up the good work! :-)

Mrs. Designher said...

These are so fun and artistic! A great design always inspires me to design! Awesome!!