I'm It!

I was tagged three times in the last month and unfortunately never found the time to respond. Oopsie! Thanks all to Jane of Delight Your Senses, Terrica of Fabuluxe Events, and Jessica Lynn of Tying The Knot. An honorable mention goes out to Melissa of Masterpiece Weddings who almost tagged me.

Rules of "tag":
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2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself
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1 I once rode on the top of an elevator. SexyHusband was stuck in said elevator; I called the technician and when he jacked open the outer doors and stepped inside, on top of the elevator, he asked me if I wanted to come too, “um… yes please!” It was oddly thrilling. I felt like I was in a Bruce Willis movie. The dude looked nothing like Bruce Willis. SexyHusband came out unscathed.

2 I love chairs. I don’t know why.

3 I believe that more people should curtsey to me*. Once upon a time I was in a store looking for something in particular (I don’t even remember what), I asked a salesgirl if she could check the back storeroom, she said she would, and then she sort of bowed/curtseyed to me. It was peculiar; it amused me, I was confused (why did she just do that?) I liked it a little too much and thus coined the phrase "more people should bow to me". SexyHusband and I now use this private joke it if we’re getting bad service. It cracks me up. Also, on some days, but not all days, I’m convinced I should have been a princess**.

**not kidding

4 I severely dislike mushrooms. I was a very picky eater when I was a kid but have since trained myself to like most everything. I conquered tomatoes and yogurt just this past year. I’m a total foodie, I love to cook and I really love food so I don’t want to impede any gastronomic experiences. However, I cannot get myself beyond mushrooms. I don’t even like being in the same room with mushrooms.

5 I like to eat the top off things. I’m all about the icing. When I eat my favourite brownies that my Mom makes, I pop the icing off and eat it last. If I eat a cupcake or a muffin, I pop the top off, eat the bottom part, and then eat the top. It’s really the only way.

6 I like words and vocabulary and penmanship and fonts. I don’t like to abbreviate words. I like words so I like to spell them out.

7 My first job real job was scooping ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. I was 13 years old and made $3.30 an hour. I think I was there for about two weeks before I took over the making and decorating of all the pies and cakes. I worked there for two summers. Upon completion of my tenure at Baskin-Robbins I didn’t eat ice cream for about ten years.

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Melissa DiStefano said...

I got an honourable mention! Hooray!

I love your post! I laughed at your curtsey to you! I wish people curtsey'ed to me!!! Heck I deserve it! :)

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

It's Anne's turn! I'll make her do it. :)

pia said...

you crack me up! but now, now the pressure! do i have a time limit?! it's more intense than a friday afternoon deadline! and what's more, you and i are TOO similar!! what's more more, i really only have about 7 people on my blogroll!!

oh i feel like the new girl in school. i'll never be able to sleep tonight.

Wanderluster said...

You love chairs?? I love chairs too! If I could, I'd buy every one of these miniatures.

Polka Dot Bride said...

Im with you on the font thing! I'm addicted!

Jane said...

OMG to funny I am soo with you on the whole Princess thing (I think I was one in a past life, thats why Im so bossy) and The chair thing, my husband thinks Im nuts! and lets not even go there with me about fonts...I buy fonts!!!
You are great I love your blog!!

saundra said...

okay first of al, mushrooms are awesome...especially sauteed. :-)

GREAT blog....i have family outside vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Number five ROCKS!!

jessica lynn said...

I love how you call your husband SexyHusband. Cracks me up!!

Lisa from Blush said...

Melissa - you do deserve it!

Elizabeth - Anne! Anne! Anne!

Pia - woohoo! No time limit, I took forever after all. I'm so flattered we're similar - you're awesome! Don't worry about who you tag, but it's a great way to make new friends!

Jenn - OMG! Cutest chairs ever. I can't believe they're all minis! Too bad they're so 'spensive!

Polka Dot Bride - we love fonts!

Jane - love your blog too.

Saundra - poo poo on mushrooms! Love your blog, I think I need to link to you.

Terrica - five does rock.

Jessica Lynn - he does too!

saundra said...

i'm all for the linky love....i'll add you as well.

It's Lovely said...

PS: You got my name right : ) It is indeed Merrilee. (My Mom made it up!)

One Love Photo said...

Thanks for the TAG! I will have to get on this! I love that you had a photo board to go with your 7! My husband Jon had the same first job! He was really great with the ice cream cakes! We always laugh about that job. Knowing how helpful he is with my business, I know he must have been really great with the frosting and details.