Wedding Song:: 'I Do' by Colbie Caillat

You just have to listen to this fabulous new song by Colbie Caillat. It is sweet and perfect for a wedding! It could be used anywhere, the processional, the recessional, first dance, in the wedding video...


Real Wedding:: Leslie + Randy

Michèle M. Waite has always been one of my favourite photographers so I was thrilled to see that she's been published on Martha Stewart Weddings! This Maine wedding of Leslie + Randy is quaint and charming and fresh and beautiful. The florals are exquisite, the dress is simple elegance, and the Ikea PS Maskros light above the deliciously fabulous cake is a lovely touch.

To see all the photos, visit Michèle’s blog.



Have you ever come across something so fabulous that you wished with all your might that you had come up with the idea? This is one of those times. Jeni, owner of Found Vintage Rentals launched a business to rent vintage items for weddings, other events, photo shoots and the like. See! Fabulous idea!

Some of the beautiful inventory::

Some of the beautiful inventory in action::

All of the photographs are taken by the Jeni's talented husband, Joel, of Studio EMP.


Speaking of Kate Spade

Speaking of Kate Spade, when I went tripping over to her site I was delighted to find "A Pop Of Pink", the new spring looks. Weeeee! Love the pink, love the fun, love the styling, love the pretty!

Organizing the Bookcase

So, so super cool! Take a few moments to take in the genius of Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp and Sean Ohlenkamp who put in the time and effort to create this delightful film.

Credit:: I've re-blogged this from What Katie Ate {who I love!} after she found it on Kate Spade’s Facebook {who I also love}.


Awesome Note to Self

Today is Thursday; there is nothing really special about this mediocre day of the week. Friday makes you feel an anticipatory sparkle of excitement and Sunday provides a warm squeeze of comfort. But how does Thursday make you feel? When I saw this fanciful graphic by Super Swoon, I decided that today should make me feel awesome. I'm going to be awesome. And here is my reminder::
Thanks to the awesome Kerry Doyle of the awesome Super Swoon for being so awesome and inspiring this awesome post!


Egg Press

Paper, paper, paper, I've always had affection for paper. Construction paper, notebooks, paper dolls... And, I've always loved cards, giving them and getting them. I just came across these cards from Egg Press, they are graphic and charming. Have a look here, then go to their website and browse around and shop. Order some cards and send one to someone you love. Then send one to me!


NestaHome Pillows

I'm loving on these fabulous pillows from NestaHome on Etsy. They have that rustic chic quality to them, they are personalized, and a little bit quirky. I could see them on the bride and groom's chairs, in the cocktail lounge, and wouldn't one of these be great as a gift? Love 'em!

Love, love, love!


Oscar Red Carpet Favourite:: Marchesa

I figured everyone would be posting all of the dresses from last night's Oscars but I just want to post photos of these two impeccably dressed women, Hailee Steinfeld and Halle Berry. They were both dressed by Marchesa... and I'm in love.

As I could see either one meandering down a wedded aisle I thought I would wander over to their website and immerse myself in the fluff and frill from the Marchesa bridal collection from last year.

Love it. Love them all. Love, love, love.


Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine!

Every three months I have a feeling of anticipation; an expectation that something wonderful is coming. A friend.. A gift... Martha Stewart Weddings. It is my favourite publication, I take it home, make a cup of tea and pour into the pages. Always so beautiful, always so many breathtaking photos.

I have every issue that has ever been published, and they are all full of bookmarks and post-its marking my favourite images and ideas. This spring issue is devoted to amazing details, which is hard to believe they'll have more details than usual? I better get out my post-its!

Enjoy your copy. Pick one up on Monday, February 28th!

“Photo by Con Poulos. Copyright © 2011, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Originally published in the Spring 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.”


Martha Stewart Weddings Luxury Expo

If you had the opportunity to sit down with some world renowned wedding experts and ask them questions about your wedding, what would you ask them?

How do I politely ask guests for money instead of a present at my wedding? How do I make the guests at our wedding feel special? What is the best way to incorporate personal details into our wedding day? When do I send out invitations for our destination wedding? Do I need to send save-the-dates? What is the best way to stick to my wedding fitness plan? How much time should I schedule for hair and make-up? Should I choose my best friend or my sister as my maid of honour? Is it too late to hire a wedding planner? :)

Well you’re in luck!

The editors at Martha Stewart Weddings will be online for two days offering tons of planning advice to brides-to-be while wedding vendors will be available to offer their expertise on everything from bridal fashion, jewelry, registry, travel, and more.

The best thing? It’s FREE! Sign up now!


Flatware Fetish

I would not have said I had a fetish for flatware before today but, when I caught a glimpse of these babies, the fetish blossomed. Love these. Love!

Source :: Sabre Paris


Cake Monkey Bakery

I want to go to LA right now. The shopping, the weather, Disneyland, Hollywood, the celebrities and the Oscars are coming up next weekend. But really, right now, I would hop on a plane to get me some cake. Specifically, this six inch Chocolate Caramel Cake with Carmelized Rice Krispies from Cake Monkey Bakery.

And while I would love to eat this cake all in one sitting {I wouldn’t}, these adorable mini layer cakes might be better on the waistline {I would}.

Then there are their adorable and delectable snack treats like Yo-hos and Pop Pies and Inside Out S'Mores ::

And look how fancy! The application of Cake Monkey's cakes is endless. Showers, engagement parties, bridesmaid teas, rehearsal dinners, dessert buffets and favours. Deliciously fabulous.

Cake Monkey Bakery


Sunday Pic :: Flowergirl Delight

Absolute sweetness. These photos are a treasure.

Source :: Susan Stipling


i love lulu

i love lulu. do you love lulu? you should love lulu. lulu is very fantastic. and beautiful. and comfortable. and theeee best active wear. yoga wear. whatever wear. seriously, you can wear it for whatever. everything.

oh. you don't know lulu? lululemon athletica, meet you. you, meet lululemon athletica.

your welcome.

i just bought this new scuba hoodie*special edition. love the hoodie.


Smitten for the Mittens

Awwwww!!! XO mittens! How cute are these?

Source:: Oh Darling Photography



Today is my Mom's birthday - happy birthday Mom!

In honor of her special day I thought I would post a few photos of mother daughter moments but it proved to be more difficult than I thought. i don't normally go in search of photos {because you never find what you're looking for} but the lack of captured moments between a bride and her mom was a little disappointing. There are plenty of moments of brides and their Dads walking down the aisle and sharing the first dance but Mom kind of gets left out. I'll tell you why I'm so sensitive to this, I'll always regret it, I only have a couple of candid photos of me and my mom from our wedding, we forgot to get something formal. So, let's use this as a reminder, make sure you capture all of those special photos of all the special people in your life.

I did find a few amazing moments::

Sources:: Clockwise from upper left, Susan Stripling, Alan Maudie, Millie Holloman, and Susan Stripling again.

Mom and Dad are in Arizona for the winter and I miss them both terribly - I can't wait until you come home! More!


BHLDN Accessories

This is a small sweet taste of the BHLDN Cover-Ups, Lingerie, Hair Adornments, Jewelry and other Accessories. I'm not going to lie, and even though I'm already married, I want all of these items, they're just so pretty!

Lastly, for the loveliest teaser of all the goodness, "A cascade of close-ups that captures some of our favorite details" set to the sweetest music - Prelude to BHLDN.


BHLDN Shoes + Shoe Clips

The shoes. The shoes. The shoes. Of course, I thought they were going to be fabulous but the line of BHLDN shoes and shoe clips are absolutely de-licious! To borrow a couple descriptives from their website, you will find this collection flouncy and shimmer-kissed.

Accessories to come!

BHLDN Dresses

My previous post was for the new line of B H L D N wedding gowns - can we say "~dreamy~". This post is dedicated to the new line of BHLDN bridesmaid dresses. Each piece is absolutely lovely and fresh, fresh, fresh. I am in love with the Gin Fizz Shift which is number three on the top row below...

Later I'll have shoes {of course!}, and the rest of their accessories!


Anthropologie has launched a new wedding shop called B H L D N, pronounced “beholden”. I be holdin my breath {wink} - every design is a vision.

Ensure you click through to see the rest of the gowns.

Stay tuned for bridesmaid dresses, shoes, accessories and more!