Real Wedding ::: Lauren + Derek


Timeless, classic, simple. The wedding of Lauren and Derek exemplifies the idea of a simple wedding. Both venues provide natural décor of rustic beauty; they didn’t have an aisle or ceremony seating, everyone just gathered around. Beautiful dahlias provide bursts of colour and the bride and groom’s attire is gorgeous, effortless, and stylish. They let the surroundings determine the details of the wedding, such as the twig handled silverware, the woodland cake, and the camp badge favours.

I love this wedding. Really love it. If SexyHusband and I could do it all again – this would be my inspiration.

Jessamyn Harris is the talent behind the glorious wedding photographs and the lovely and graceful couple are the curators of The Curiosity Shop in San Francisco.


Jessamyn Harris said...

mind?! wow, are you kidding me? I just emailed you to say thanks for taking a look at the blog, and tell you that I've added it to my subscriptions... and I see this?! :) thanks for making my day! so glad you like this wedding (one of my favorites)

jessica lynn said...

Lisa, I LOVE YOU for posting this!! Either thru you or Classic Bride blog I found those bouquets and I took them into my florist and told her to copy them from that wedding and paste them into mine. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thanks for posting!

Lauren said...

hey, that's us! thanks for posting jessamyn's lovely photos of our wedding on your blog. derek just found out about it and forwarded me the link. that was such a fun day!

Kirstie Tweed said...

It's so nice to see Jessamyn's work here. I LOVE this wedding, especially the camp badges. I can't wait to visit The Curiosity Shop in person.

Thank you for telling me that the veils I love are called "birdcage" veils, I'd never heard of that but I do love the look of them. Happy New Year Lisa!