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SexyHusband and I are heading off for a fabulous and long-awaited intimate ski weekend away. We'll be on the road in a couple of hours and not back until Sunday night.

I can't seem to find evidence of WiFi at our accomodations (which is probably a good thing) so I think I'll be taking a blog break.

Enjoy your weekends! Swish, swish, swish...


ps... because I'll be incommunicado the voting will remain open until Sunday night. So vote away!

"Real Simple" Voting


I have thoroughly enjoyed this process and hearing so many wonderful ideas that have been suggested to capture something different, unique and special for the couple to incorporate into their wedding day. Thank you so much to everyone that has participated thus far. (I just said ‘thus’!?!)

The rest of today and tomorrow are voting days, the cut off will be Thursday at midnight. Please use the comment section of this post to cast your vote or email me at blushevents at shaw dot ca.

A couple of things however…

* Please only vote once
* List the detail “name” that you are voting for and the corresponding number I’ve given it here
* The winner of the random draw will have to provide me with their name and mailing address in order for me to send their treats (we’ll do this via email.) Nothing will be mailed until next Tuesday as I’m heading out of town for the weekend!
* The winners will be announced on Friday!

*New note!* If you are voting as "Anonymous" please email me instead at blushevents at shaw dot ca. Otherwise I won't know who you are.

Here, again, are the submissions:

1 Mustaches
2 Yorkie Love
3 Sunset Wedding
4 Invitation Graphic
5 Mardi Gras Beads
6 Ring Symbolism
7 La Mariniera
8 First Dates Table Numbers
9 A Bookish Wedding
10 Beauty on the Beach

Thanks to you!

As a reminder, I'll send a copy of "Real Simple Weddings" and some Bernard Callebaut Chocolates to the submissions winner. And I'll also hold a random draw of everyone that votes and they'll get a chocolate treat package as well!


Real Simple Detail :: Beauty on the Beach

Lindsay has sent in this beautiful submission incoporating all the wedding details into one inspiration board. I'm in love with the picture of the shoes on the fence!

This is Vic & Kristen's beach wedding held in Wilmington, NC. Vic is one of my best friends.


As for the details:

First row: bride w/ veil before the ceremony, groom's linen suit with pink silk tie and pink rose bout, string quartet playing on the beach before the ceremony, exchange of vows under trellis with birds

Second row: bride's bouquet of yellow and pink roses, beach themed cake with chocolate seashells and brown sugar sand, details of bride's dress

Third row: bride and groom during ceremony with groom's mother crying in background -bride holding onto heirloom handkerchief, guests' shoes on fence, bride & BM feet, groom's shoes

Fourth row: vases for sand ceremony, favors: pink and white m&ms with "Vic & Kristen" on them, favors: m&ms and Adirondack chair frame with pic of couple, bride and groom leave to sparklers.

Photographer: Lindsay Docherty Photography

Real Simple Detail: A Bookish Wedding

Love, love, love, Cole's details incorporating her and her fiancé’s passion for books into their wedding...

My soon to be husband is a librarian and I am a playwright/director. Together we will share not only our love for each other but we will also unite two disgustingly large collections of books. And thus springs forth the ideas for our wedding. I am designing the invitations using library cards and pockets. Seating will be assigned according to the Dewey Decimal system. A variety of our favorite titles from Dover Book Editions will become our wedding favors. Jane Austen, The Great Gatsby and good ol' Librarian Tweed have become our style inspiration.

I have included two pictures that contain photos which currently are inspiring our wedding invitations. The first photo is the invitation suite designed by Minhee and Truman of Paper + Cup for their 2006 wedding (this picture via Brooklyn Bride but originally published in Martha Stewart Weddings) where they used various school paraphernalia for the actual invites. The second photo is from Papermenagerie on Etsy. Although the phrase imprinted is definitely not appropriate (!) for our family, I love how they have printed an image onto a library pocket.


In addition, Snippet & Ink created the most lovely and inspiring of inspiration boards for me (#129). I definitely will be incorporating some of her ideas into my wedding.


And lastly, these are a few more simple details we’d like to introduce into our wedding design.


First row:
Possibly naming the tables after favorite books like "Emma" by Jane Austen Red Loft Studios; Books as décor; Just for fun, this is a photo of Ryan and I standing outside the church where we will be married.

Second row:
More invitation inspiration Pen Carlson Photography; What the guys might wear {frolic!}.

Third row:
Bride & Groom in the library Studio 306; Kissing couple Heather Waraksa; Stacked books “ring pillow” Brooklyn Bride photo by Anna Kuperberg.

Real Simple Details :: First Dates Table Numbers

Lesley has offered a lovely idea that each table ‘number’ will be stories of their “first dates” instead of numbers. This idea incorporates intimate details of their relationship, some that guests may not know, with pictures of places that are special to them.


We met during undergrad at Penn State so we are having pictures taken of us around the campus, these pictures will be paired with a little paragraph or two that describes a special moment in our relationship.

"Beaver Stadium" - where we first laid eyes on each other

His dorm building where he chased me down the hall for a chance to talk to me – I was pretending to do laundry when I was actually looking for him! (When I returned to my friend's room, she told me that I was going to marry him!)

My old dorm building where we used to kiss good night on the back steps every night after he'd walk me home.

Joe Paterno’s house (the Penn State football coach) – We walked by his house on our first "date". We talked about our families and religion.

Other places we visited on dates were the creamery where we went for ice cream, the Palmer Art Museum, the different Commons buildings where we would have meals, the HUB (student union building) where we’d enjoy late night BINGO, and the Paterno-Pattee Library where we would study.

We will have about 20 tables total and the pictures will have a paragraph about "our date" either on the front in a contrasting color or else maybe on a little card on the back. The photo cards will help us to bring a little Penn State to our wedding without having an all out PSU theme!

And, the bonus is that when the wedding is over, we will have nice pictures of all these places that are so special to us!!! The pictures will go great into the Penn State family room that we will eventually have!

Unfortunately we don't have any pictures from Lesley because they're not taking them until this weekend!


Real Simple Detail :: La Mariniera

I simply adore this thoughtful and beautiful detail that Merrilee has brought us.

I'm writing with my favorite detail that I incorporated into our wedding day for your Real Simple Giveaway. My favorite element involved a choreographed dance that is a popular 'courtship' dance (for lack of a better term) in my husband's native country of Peru. It's quite a spectacular dance where people participate in dance competitions and perform in these beautifully elaborate costumes all over South America. It's called La Mariniera. Now for months, I tried and tried to get my husband, the best dancer in the world, to teach me and my two left feet the steps but after finally viewing a video of it I decided I'd make a complete fool of myself and I decided to hire professionals to perform it. I really wanted to incorporate something from his heritage into the wedding and of course I'd win some brownie points with the in-laws.


These are some photos from the performance of the dancers who were found just a week before the wedding by of all people, my mother, the furthest thing from a Peruvian. She stumbled across the female member of this team while at a doctor's appointment. Go figure. They were a HUGE hit by both my in-laws and friends alike and were just such a lovely couple. I offered to pay them and they flat out refused to accept payment saying they're simply honored to perform in front of an audience. Can you imagine?

Real Simple Detail :: Ring Symbolism

Please forgive the lack of posting -- it's been one of those days. I think I'll have time to post a couple of things today, I'll post some tomorrow, then the voting will start. Thanks for your patience. And all the comments! Keep them coming!

This is another idea from Rebecca, she's the one that brought us the first idea I posted a while ago, the mustaches!

My fiance doesn't feel comfortable physically wearing rings...he just doesn't like how they feel on. So, wow, what is a bride to do?

Since our engagement, we've been racking our brains for a way that we can simultaneously both feel good *and* design this important symbolism into our day. It wasn't until I started thinking seriously about flowers and place settings (specifically napkin rings!) that it came to me: our rings could be natural, actual organic stuff!


Top row: A+R Store; Unknown; EcoKitchen
Bottom row: Martha Stewart Crafts; Rustic Spirit; Trillium


Michelle Rago Blog

I am so excited to announce that Michelle Rago has launched a new blog.

She is a source of inspiration like you have never seen; one of the best of the best of the best. I visit her site nearly every day, just because her work is so amazing and inspiring and beautiful, I can look at it over and over again and still see something new and fresh.

These pictures are relatively new additions to her site. Go there. Subscribe now!


Real Simple Detail :: Flashcards

Ley submits this detail she'll incorporate into her wedding:

I found this on the Offbeat Bride site. It's from The Mighties' Flickr wedding album.

I love this idea- the couple had one of the groomsmen hold up cue cards for the guests at certain points in the ceremony! I love the idea of cue cards because it brings a level of playfulness into the wedding that most couples overlook.


Real Simple Detail :: Mardi Gras Beads

Sarah sent this in...

My fiance and I met at a Mardi Gras party so part of our favors will be Mardi Gras beads.


I couldn't help but add pictures... the two outside are from Oriental Trading and the inside picture is from Getty Images.

Perhaps Sarah will drop by and tell us a little more...

Real Simple Detail :: Invitation Graphic

Fifi sent this in...

The bride sent me their favorite photo and asked that I turn the photo into a watermark sketch for the front label of the invitation. Although she thought it was a little bit corny, the photo was very special to both of them.


Real Simple Detail :: Sunset Wedding

Here are some lovely and touching details from this bride... I particularly love the whistling!

* My mother made her "famous" cheesecake which was the cake we cut; my cousin made the 211 cupcakes.

* Upon arrival, guests were given a small envelope with his or her name on it, inside was a question - the answer directed them to their seat. We used this as an icebreaker for the guests as many of them had not met before.

* One of my best friends/bridesmaid read Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss during the ceremony! It was a touching and playful moment.

* We were married on a beach so there was no music during the ceremony; as my father walked me down the aisle he began whistling "Here Comes the Bride". It caught on among the guests and at one point everyone was whistling along with my father.

*Our favors were wind chimes that we painted with the Chinese symbol for our last name.

*We served dinner before our ceremony so that we could get married at sunset. Our favorite restaurant that is run by a close family friend catered it; the food was served family style as a nod to my husband’s Chinese heritage.

*Our cake toppers are little Sculpey statues of us that were made by my very talented friend Meghan.


Photo Credit to Pamela Louie of Yesterday and Today Photography.

*some text edited down for size.

Real Simple Detail :: Yorkie Love

I hope you all had a glorious weekend! I'm very excited about this week because I'll be posting the entries of the Blush.alicious "Real Simple" Details Contest . A very big "thank you" to everyone that sent in their submissions, they're all just simply wonderful! Without further ado...

Jen sent in this little detail which I just love ... "I made this card (featuring our Yorkie, Einstein) for my husband to be and had my sister deliver it to him the day of our wedding."



Chandeliers :: Inspiration Boards

This was quite timely and delightful! If you haven't seen them already, Kathryn over at Snippet & Ink posted two beautiful (as always) boards featuring chandeliers this week.

#150 Palm Leaf Wedding


#151 Chandeliers on the Beach



Chandelier Details :: Photo Booth

This has to be one of my favourite chandelier finds of the week…

Set up these curtains and they could be a simply fabulous real simple detail. Use them as the backdrop for a photo booth or behind the head table. Imagine if you lit them from behind to make them glow, or clustered lights right behind the print to shine up only the chandelier.

And because they are so charming, you could certainly reuse them in your home making it eco-friendly decor! They would be adorable in a dining room or bedroom.

Love, love, love.


Found on Etsy at Teal Town. Apparently these curtains have received so much attention they will work with their clients to customize them. “All you have to do is contact them with your desired curtain color, ink color and length (63" or to-the-floor) and they will work with you to make a set of curtains.”


Chandelier Details :: The Gifts

I have a few more sparkly items to share so I think we'll carry this chandelier business on for the whole week. This just might be a new feature for Blush.alicious. Theme Week! What do you think?

Now for some fun. Presents! I love presents! Giving and getting. I love finding the perfect gift for someone, especially those closest to me, wrapping it up all super special, and handing it over.

The problem with these wonderful treats is that I'd have to buy one of each for myself too.


Clockwise from top left: Off the shoulder tee from Etsy shop Pretty Raccoon Clothing; Chanda Leer Ring Wristlet by Madie Deluxe; Café Toile Apron by Main Street-Store; “Chandelier Dreaming” print from Etsy shop Peachy Cheek; and Little Stuffs bag by Etsy shop Punchanella.

Chandelier Details :: The Paper

Imagine requesting your best girlfriends be in your bridal party with pretty cards like these: you could go formal like the one on the left, customized with her name. Or you could go just plain fun with the "How's it Hangin?" card. You could keep it casual and write "Wanna be my maid?" inside.


Etsy shop Paper Nosh on the left; Etsy shop 3 Bags Full on the right.

One could utilize any of the following stationary suites to invite guests to any function; the wedding, the rehearsal, the showers, the engagement party...


From left to right: Wedding Writes; DIY invitations from Uniquity Invitations; and Wedding Paper Divas.

These tags could be used on gifts or favours, or as place cards or escort cards...


Pink oval "Luster Tags" by Etsy shop Natural Historie; Die Cut, 2"x 2", paper (I love these!) chandeliers from Etsy shop Luvmypets; and manila glam handstamped tags from Etsy shop Amy Elise Designs.

And, of course, the notecards...


All three are Etsy Shops: Petite Pear Paperie; The Bella Bella Co.; and Alice's Looking Glass

Chandelier Details :: Jewellery

And since Blush.alicious is featuring the details as of late please find some more delicious chandelier inspired things I’ve wandered into.,,

Jewellery – wouldn't these be grand as gifts for your bridesmaids? Or to wear to the rehearsal dinner? All of these were found on Etsy.


Clockwise from top left:
“White Chandelier Earrings” by Lauren K. Roberts; “Blue Square Chandelier Ceramic Necklace” by Lusterbunny; “Forever Love” Chandelier Crystal Drop by tearoseworkshop; and “Low Light” Pendant by buffyagan.

Chandeliers in Real Weddings

I'm so in love with these little chandeliers that I'm now slightly chandelier obsessed. I'm convinced that one could plan an entire wedding around the all-out-glamour of the chandelier, in all it's glitz and glory, or just keep it understated with simple touches here and there. Either way, we can consider this a theme to be inspired by.

The most recent, and absolutely amazing, display of chandeliers may be found on Style Me Pretty; Abby has featured the breathtaking wedding of photographer Elizabeth Messina. This chandelier dream was designed by Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming! Abby split the feature into four posts, see them here 1, 2, 3, and 4.


I've always remembered the wedding of Knottie weathergirl99 as she had several chandeliers hanging from the trees around the recption and dance floor. The way they lit up in the evening must have been spectacular.


And, last but not least, I am forever inspired by Tara Guérard of Soirée for her use of chandeliers and light. Whether it be the classic chandelier or contemporary.


More inspiration to come!

Mini Chandeliers

I was shopping recently and came across the most adorable/fabulous/must have item. These miniature chandeliers designed by Chris Collicott. I found them at a great shop here in Calgary but found them online at Kikkerland.com.


They are acrylic, come in these three colours (as far as I can tell), are lit by four LED lights running on three AAA batteries. I know it's hard to tell from this but they are only five inches in height. F-i-v-e.

I'm imagining one, or two, or three, suspended above each guest table. Clustered above the welcome table. Hanging from the trees. The possibilities are endless.

They also come in a mini version of a classic crystal cascade or imperial style.


Mini! Mini! Mini!


Real Wedding :: Connie + Chris

Speaking of details, look at the beautiful compilation this bride put together for herself and her bridal party; the chocolate mermaid bridesmaid dresses with copper sashes and pink bouquets. Her own mocha coloured sash and a warmer version of the bouquet for her. The shine! Her rings, the cuffs on her bouquet, the chandelier earrings, she also has a beautiful brooch at her waist which isn’t pictured here. Visit Evoke Photography to see the rest of the stunning photos featuring the entire bridal party, the very handsome groom, and touching moments between mother and daughter.




Happy birthday to my Mom. The most amazing, talented, wonderful, giving, thoughtful, engaging, selfless, hilarious, warm, brilliant, perfect, woman, friend, and mother. If I become half the woman you are I'll consider myself blessed.


I love you...



Susan Stripling Photography

A while ago I was browsing for inspiration and happened upon the photography talents of Susan Stripling. I was so taken by her bridal portraits and enchanting use of light that I just had to drop her an email and compliment her work.

I asked Susan if she would mind contributing some of her favourite shots from 2007 and she sent me the most beautiful photos to share with you.








What I appreciate most about Susan's work is the wistful and dreamy quality of her photographs; she seems to capture the true blissful and gauzy feeling of the wedding, the subject, the day.

Susan, thank you so much for sharing this stunning collection with us! If you’d like to see more, which I have no doubt you will, visit Susan’s blog.


Studio d.Sharp

Look how beautiful...


And cake "finials" too...


Studio d.Sharp


Real Simple Detail :: Mustaches!

I absolutely adore this "Real Simple Detail" that I received as an entry to our Real Simple Details Giveaway. This idea is unique, reflective of the couple and, I have no doubt, will be unforgettable!

Rebecca writes:

"My fiancé and I have planned our wedding for this June, 2008. Our real simple detail is to take a wedding party portrait with...costume mustaches! The two of us are writers and we love surrealist art (like Salvador Dali's work) and old Charlie Chaplin movies. Plus, we just love people with a sense of humor about life. Even the blushing bride can play a good practical joke, am I right?"


So that's your taste of the contest to mull over on the weekend. Keep the entries coming. And thanks Rebecca!

*Updated to add!*
Check out this great wooden mustache Jessica found from Rose and Radish. And then after browsing myself I stumbled upon the Mustache Envy Kit also from Rose and Radish.



'Real Simple' Details Giveaway!


My wonderful friends over at Real Simple magazine have sent me a copy of Real Simple Weddings to gift to one lucky Blush reader. In honour of this delightful publication I thought I would have a little contest! My first! I’m very excited! You can tell by all the exclamation points! ! !! !

I’m a details girl. For me, nothing else is as special as the details to make your wedding day the most thoughtful, meaningful, and memorable day for both you and your guests. In trying to think of some of my favourite moments or treats from weddings and events that I’ve attended; it’s not the ordinary that stand out, it’s the extraordinary.

As for the contest and giveaway, I’m asking you to submit your favourite wedding details. What do you remember from all the weddings you’ve attended? What did you incorporate into your day that made it unforgettable?

:: This makes me think about one of the most amazing things I've witnessed. A choreographed dance production by a bride that studied ballet her entire life. She had their four-year-old daughter dance atop her Dad’s feet (symbolizing the bride’s youth), then the child rushed off the dance floor and the bride fluttered in and started spinning around by herself. Then, maturing, she slid into her Dad’s arms and they performed a beautiful waltz. She then caught the eye of her handsome groom who had found his way to the dance floor, realizing he had to let go Dad spun her into the arms of her new husband, the two of them concluded the dance as the lights slowly dimmed. It was beautiful and emotional and real and it told the sweetest story of the little Daddy’s girl who is now grown up and married. It was unique and perfect for them. Everyone was in tears and not one guest in attendance has ever forgotten it.

:: I read somewhere recently (I wish I could remember where), that a bride and groom chose to read love letters they had written each other early in their relationship instead of reciting formal vows.

:: The napkins (pictured above) were printed with a conversation of how the bride and groom met.

:: The bride and groom that played “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to decide who would say their vows first.

:: The boutonnières made of wire because that was the hobby of the groom.

:: Favours of gift certificates for an ice cream cone to the couple’s favourite ice cream place.

:: Did you hide the crest from your high school in your monogram because that’s where you met?

:: Did you use grandma’s recipe for your wedding cake?


1. Submit your favourite Real Simple Details. I’ll accept text but I love pictures! Create an inspiration board. Send pictures from your own event or someone else’s. (Please try to give credit to the photographer or source).

2. I’ll post the best of the best.

3. We’ll vote the following week.

4. Someone wins! I’ll announce the winner on the 29th of February.

5. The rest of us win because we’ll have an overabundance of wonderful ideas.

Please submit your “Real Simple Details” to blushevents at shaw dot ca by Friday, February 22, 2008. You may enter as many ideas as you like but please send them in different emails. Please put “Real Simple Details” in the subject line of your email.

Keep it 'Real Simple'.

ps... thank you to Margrit and Tasha!

Photo credits: Little Feet and Love Letters by Getty Images; Rock Paper Scissors by Offbeat Bride via Snippet & Ink; Conversation Napkins by Good On Paper