Nearly Wed

Considering that I am absolutely addicted to wedding magazines I am eagerly awaiting the release of the first Real Simple Weddings issue. I know that you can pick them up in-store or online from Crate & Barrel but we don’t have one in our city as of yet (apparently coming soon!)

In trying to find out some more information on the release of the magazine I went on their website and then found my way to the Nearly Wed blog, authored by Margrit, an editor for RealSimple.com.

I was absolutely delighted and surprised to find Blushalicious listed as one of her favourite sites!

Thank you so much Margrit! I'm flattered. Giddy actually. All the best with your wedding planning!



Jennifer said...

Congratulations to you too Lisa! And thanks for letting me know! This is so exciting!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATZ! Must be fun to be on the list. One day... ;)

It's Lovely said...

Congratulations!! Well deserved!! : )

perfect bound said...

Congratulations! you are certainly Giddy worthy. Keep it up. I love what you post.

margit said...

Hi Lisa!
Happy to do it, your site is fab.

saundra said...

that is great news! congrats!