Real Wedding ::: Mona + Mohit

I posted a while ago on another wedding shot by Rob and Lauren Photographers. But this time I’m honoured to share these pictures from the magnificent four day Hindu wedding of Mona and Mohit.

I have a secret wish to attend weddings of all different cultures and this is a wonderful glimpse into a Hindu wedding. Every aspect of this wedding appears to be full of tradition and excitement, family and energy. I love it all - from the intricacy of the Mendhi to the special pink Chura, and especially the vibrant colours of the bridal party. You can see many, many more photos on Rob and Lauren’s Blog.


Rob and Lauren have developed somewhat of a reputation for shooting multicultural wedding events. They have gleaned as much as possible from each event they shoot but in their desire to learn more, they have gone off on an amazing and educational adventure to discover and understand so much more. They left on January 2, 2008 for a month in Vietnam and two months in India. They will be seeking out authentic cultural weddings, and then will create a resource for anyone looking to learn more about the ins and outs of these incredible, and complicated events.

Visit The Wedding Travelers blog to follow along on their trip.


Jessamyn Harris said...

beautiful! I love the saturated colors. I'm still hoping for my first Indian wedding :)

Shivani Sherman said...

I went to this wedding and it was beautiful. Funny to hear you guys say you like to visit Indian wedding. I was super excited to attend my first and only catholic wedding, what a beautiful ceremony!