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My wonderful friends over at Real Simple magazine have sent me a copy of Real Simple Weddings to gift to one lucky Blush reader. In honour of this delightful publication I thought I would have a little contest! My first! I’m very excited! You can tell by all the exclamation points! ! !! !

I’m a details girl. For me, nothing else is as special as the details to make your wedding day the most thoughtful, meaningful, and memorable day for both you and your guests. In trying to think of some of my favourite moments or treats from weddings and events that I’ve attended; it’s not the ordinary that stand out, it’s the extraordinary.

As for the contest and giveaway, I’m asking you to submit your favourite wedding details. What do you remember from all the weddings you’ve attended? What did you incorporate into your day that made it unforgettable?

:: This makes me think about one of the most amazing things I've witnessed. A choreographed dance production by a bride that studied ballet her entire life. She had their four-year-old daughter dance atop her Dad’s feet (symbolizing the bride’s youth), then the child rushed off the dance floor and the bride fluttered in and started spinning around by herself. Then, maturing, she slid into her Dad’s arms and they performed a beautiful waltz. She then caught the eye of her handsome groom who had found his way to the dance floor, realizing he had to let go Dad spun her into the arms of her new husband, the two of them concluded the dance as the lights slowly dimmed. It was beautiful and emotional and real and it told the sweetest story of the little Daddy’s girl who is now grown up and married. It was unique and perfect for them. Everyone was in tears and not one guest in attendance has ever forgotten it.

:: I read somewhere recently (I wish I could remember where), that a bride and groom chose to read love letters they had written each other early in their relationship instead of reciting formal vows.

:: The napkins (pictured above) were printed with a conversation of how the bride and groom met.

:: The bride and groom that played “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to decide who would say their vows first.

:: The boutonnières made of wire because that was the hobby of the groom.

:: Favours of gift certificates for an ice cream cone to the couple’s favourite ice cream place.

:: Did you hide the crest from your high school in your monogram because that’s where you met?

:: Did you use grandma’s recipe for your wedding cake?


1. Submit your favourite Real Simple Details. I’ll accept text but I love pictures! Create an inspiration board. Send pictures from your own event or someone else’s. (Please try to give credit to the photographer or source).

2. I’ll post the best of the best.

3. We’ll vote the following week.

4. Someone wins! I’ll announce the winner on the 29th of February.

5. The rest of us win because we’ll have an overabundance of wonderful ideas.

Please submit your “Real Simple Details” to blushevents at shaw dot ca by Friday, February 22, 2008. You may enter as many ideas as you like but please send them in different emails. Please put “Real Simple Details” in the subject line of your email.

Keep it 'Real Simple'.

ps... thank you to Margrit and Tasha!

Photo credits: Little Feet and Love Letters by Getty Images; Rock Paper Scissors by Offbeat Bride via Snippet & Ink; Conversation Napkins by Good On Paper

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