Wedding Song:: 'I Do' by Colbie Caillat

You just have to listen to this fabulous new song by Colbie Caillat. It is sweet and perfect for a wedding! It could be used anywhere, the processional, the recessional, first dance, in the wedding video...


Real Wedding:: Leslie + Randy

Michèle M. Waite has always been one of my favourite photographers so I was thrilled to see that she's been published on Martha Stewart Weddings! This Maine wedding of Leslie + Randy is quaint and charming and fresh and beautiful. The florals are exquisite, the dress is simple elegance, and the Ikea PS Maskros light above the deliciously fabulous cake is a lovely touch.

To see all the photos, visit Michèle’s blog.



Have you ever come across something so fabulous that you wished with all your might that you had come up with the idea? This is one of those times. Jeni, owner of Found Vintage Rentals launched a business to rent vintage items for weddings, other events, photo shoots and the like. See! Fabulous idea!

Some of the beautiful inventory::

Some of the beautiful inventory in action::

All of the photographs are taken by the Jeni's talented husband, Joel, of Studio EMP.


Speaking of Kate Spade

Speaking of Kate Spade, when I went tripping over to her site I was delighted to find "A Pop Of Pink", the new spring looks. Weeeee! Love the pink, love the fun, love the styling, love the pretty!

Organizing the Bookcase

So, so super cool! Take a few moments to take in the genius of Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp and Sean Ohlenkamp who put in the time and effort to create this delightful film.

Credit:: I've re-blogged this from What Katie Ate {who I love!} after she found it on Kate Spade’s Facebook {who I also love}.


Awesome Note to Self

Today is Thursday; there is nothing really special about this mediocre day of the week. Friday makes you feel an anticipatory sparkle of excitement and Sunday provides a warm squeeze of comfort. But how does Thursday make you feel? When I saw this fanciful graphic by Super Swoon, I decided that today should make me feel awesome. I'm going to be awesome. And here is my reminder::
Thanks to the awesome Kerry Doyle of the awesome Super Swoon for being so awesome and inspiring this awesome post!


Egg Press

Paper, paper, paper, I've always had affection for paper. Construction paper, notebooks, paper dolls... And, I've always loved cards, giving them and getting them. I just came across these cards from Egg Press, they are graphic and charming. Have a look here, then go to their website and browse around and shop. Order some cards and send one to someone you love. Then send one to me!


NestaHome Pillows

I'm loving on these fabulous pillows from NestaHome on Etsy. They have that rustic chic quality to them, they are personalized, and a little bit quirky. I could see them on the bride and groom's chairs, in the cocktail lounge, and wouldn't one of these be great as a gift? Love 'em!

Love, love, love!