English Rose Board

On Friday I suggested that readers tell me which was their favourite bridal gown from the six Monique Lhuillier dresses I posted and I would create an inspiration board. This was much easier said than done as usually I have a few pictures and an idea before I create a board. This dress had me starting with a blank canvas, just the dress; but I love a challenge so this is how it evolved...

The dress made me think of a church wedding, as the dress is quite demure. I imagined a stuffy old vicker telling the bride she couldn't bare her shoulders in his esteemed cathedral. I then imagined lovely pink roses, cricket, tea cakes, and footmen with top hats. Of course, every English Rose wedding would be attended by the finest frocks and millinery and I found inspiration for the reception venue from the exposed brick of the backdrop in the dress picture.


Flower Girl Picture by Ben Joseph Photography; Dress by Monique Lhuillier; Venue from Smith and Niemierko; Church picture by Kate Hampton Photography; Bouquet by Martha Stewart Weddings; Shoe shot from Kathryn Lloyd; Cake by Little Venice Cake Company; Top Hats picture from Kate Hampton Photography; Woman in hat by Robert Lawler; Croquet from

Please let me know how I did!


Kathryn said...

This turned out so nicely!

Lisa from Blush said...

Thanks Kathryn, coming from you that's a compliment I'll take!

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

absolutely gorgeous. great job!

It's Lovely said...

Sooooo lovely!! ; )

pia jane bijkerk said...

magical. now i want to be invited to that wedding! oh the power of imagery. and your creativity. speaking of which, would you fancy a wander over to my latest post, i'm hoping there might be something in that to inspire you! i'm pretty excited about it and am hoping all my favourite people get involved somehow (yes that means you!)