Elum Designs

I spent some more time browsing around the Elum Designs site and found out some interesting things, first of all, like so many designers, she began her wedding stationary line when she was looking for an invitation suite for her own wedding. Unable to find the perfect design for her and her betrothed, they designed their own! Aren’t we all glad she did? Her designs are so beautiful.


Another thing I learned was that not only does Elum have their own design studio; they actually have their own warehouse, which accommodates their very own print and letterpress shop. Amazing! I wish I could go on a field trip!

Lastly, Elum is most impressive in their stride to leaving a minute or non-existent footprint on the earth. They use “tree-free, 100% post-industrial waste cotton rag papers and soy based inks for our every-day stationery and custom invitation lines.” They “encourage their customers to be intelligent about their purchasing decisions, to ask questions about sources and materials and to use the limited resources of the planet wisely.” They say that “printing is inherently a non earth-friendly process but we are doing our best to limit the amount of natural resources we consume and waste we leave behind. “ How fantastic and responsible! Read more about Elum.

So, not only are they beautiful on the outside, they’re beautiful on the inside.

Elum Designs :: Lucidity

I saw this invitation in Martha Stewart Weddings and just loved it. It's by Elum Designs, a masterful letterpress company located in San Diego, CA.


Love the pattern and the textures. Love, love.


Sunday Pic :: Shoe Shot

Happy New Year to everyone! So sorry I've neglected the blog, and thank you to everyone that has continued to visit.

I thought I'd ease back in to blogging today, with a nice simple picture. Susan Stripling is a wonderful photographer and I always find time to visit her blog, and I'm never disappointed by what I find. If anything, I'm enthralled and inspired. If at all possible, she just gets better and better at what she does.

This photo is an example of her ingenious eye... how many shoe shots have we seen? Hundreds... But I've never seen one quite like this.


So, so pretty.

Visit Susan's new blogsite here!