Have you begun today what you want to be tomorrow?

A while back I bought a notepad* with this phrase embossed on the cover. When I saw it, it stopped me in my tracks. After negligible contemplation, “no,” was my obvious answer.

I left the store with that chunk of paper and it now sits at eye level, on a shelf in my “Girly Room” and I have adopted the phrase as my personal and motivational tag line. I am looking forward to the day when I can answer is obviously, “yes, Yes, YES!”

Last year I married the most wonderful, fantastic (and seriously hot) guy ever. I am the luckiest duck. In the planning of our wedding, I think I was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Of course because I was marrying The Guy; but also because I got to unleash my creative ideas on our guests and design our wedding with all the Martha-esque qualities that I have been practicing for years. I loved every minute of it.

Now it’s almost a year later and I’ve found myself in a bit of a funk. My life is great, I’m super happy; I’m just missing that extra ray of sunshine. After the wedding I said I was suffering from post-nuptial depression and it never quite went away.

So, after much prodding by my inner self and those all around me – I’ve started my own business of event planning {eep!}. Soooo, the main focus of this blog is to chronicle the beginnings of this new endeavour and to act as a creative outlet for me. To catch my fanciful musings, to catalogue all the magnificent and pretty things I delight in, and to showcase some of the things I do, I make, and I create. Who knows where this will lead.

Today is the day I have begun what I want to be tomorrow. Here’s a cherry. Consider it broken.

Oh yeah, I’m a bit cheeky too {insert wink here}.

btw http://www.compendiuminc.com/
is the publisher of the notepad and so many other wonderfully profound items. If you’re a paper whore like me, you’ll love their stuff.