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Check out this fabulous Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Wedding Inspiration Board from snippet & ink.

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This blog is a daily addiction as she posts a new inspiration board daily - you don't want to miss out.

Hallowe'en Wedding Cake

Wouldn't this just be the best cake for a Hallowe'en wedding? It's bootiful.

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Let Them Eat Cake in Costa Mesa, CA.


Kirstie Tweed in Martha Stewart Weddings

I featured Kirstie Tweed of Orange Girl Photographs on my blog in August (Props to Orange Girl) and I need to do so again already! That is exactly how fabulous she is.

So, do you have the latest Martha Stewart Weddings? The Fall Issue with the aqua cover? Flip to Page 88, it’s a “One Thing I Learned” feature of Laura and Gregg’s wedding in the Napa Valley in California. Kirstie was the photographer that shot the wedding. While she was “over the moon” (can you imagine?) that she was published in Martha Stewart Weddings she was also a little disappointed that they didn’t feature some of her favourite photographs from the day.

So,… here they are!

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Please see the write up on Kirstie's blog here... Published in Martha!


Real Wedding ::: Jennifer + Sean's Wedding Details

And lastly, my favourite...

B: Could you provide us with the details on the details?

J: I think it is the details, which help make a wedding memorable. In putting our wedding together, Sean and I had 3 objectives: make it personal, make it unique, and fill the day with surprises. Here are some of the special touches we put into our day:

The Crinoline: I wanted “something blue” to go with my somethings-old, new, and borrowed. So I dyed my crinoline using my washing machine, a package of Rit Dye in Light Blue, and easy instructions I found on The Knot. It came out great – the guests would catch glimpses of it when Sean and I did our choreographed first dance. It was unexpected and whimsical.

The Card House: Sean is an architect and I knew some day he would build me a house. Little did I know our first house would be this 2-foot long model built out of balsa wood. Sean did the basic design and construction and I took care of the details and decoration. We put some fun details like a staircase and plexiglass walls but also made sure the house was functional. There was a cut out on top where guests could drop their cards and envelopes.

The Bamboo Arch: Keeping with the Asian Contemporary look we wanted for the wedding, Sean and I made this arch out of three bamboo ladders we bought in Chinatown and about 1000 capiz shells. This was the most labour-intensive project as we had to individually string the shells on fishing wire, leaving space for the orchid heads from our florist.

Ceremony Details: As we had an outdoor ceremony, we thought it important to keep our guests comfortable. We provided sandalwood fans, again bought in Chinatown, which guests could pick up on their way to their seats. Satin ribbons in our colours of apple green and chocolate brown were tied to the fans. After the ceremony, our guests walked down the aisle towards the other end of the courtyard where cocktails were served under the tent. On their way, we had servers holding baskets of cold hand towels. These towels, known as Oshibori, are typically served hot or cold, and are used in many Japanese restaurants. I ordered the towels online from a firm in California in a peach-mango scent, again keeping with the Asian theme. Our venue collected the towels and we donated them after the wedding. It was a great way to refresh our guests after sitting under the hot August sun.

The Favours: For our favours, we decided to give imported chocolate covered espresso beans to reflect our love of coffee. We put the beans in capiz shell boxes which had picked up on our trip to Asia last year. For tags, I decided to use mini-tags available from www.moo.com. This was probably my favourite project. The Moo tags come in boxes of 100 with a photo on front and six lines of text on back. You upload photos to the Moo site from your online album (I used Flickr). I used photos from my and Sean’s childhood, school days, prom, family photos and put our thank you message on the back in English and Tagalog (the Filipino language). They were a big hit and some guests were even trading the photos!

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B: Can you describe the single best moment of the day?

J: The best moment was when I was standing alone, ready to make my walk down the aisle. I took my first step and said to myself "Wait...slow down..ENJOY THIS". At that moment, I stopped being the wedding planner and instead became the bride. It’s like when you’re at the start of a rollercoaster ride – you know exactly what is going to happen yet you’re excited and surprised just the same.

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{The Something Blue Crinoline}

B: Is there anything you'd do differently? Any regrets?

J: Overall, there were no big regrets but if I had to do it again, I would have forgone the receiving line and instead enjoyed the cocktail hour with my guests. The cocktail hour was something my husband and I were so looking forward too but taking of photos took longer than expected and we missed this mingling time with our guests. I would have liked the chance to speak more with everyone, and to see the Mashed Potato Martini bar we had during cocktails.

B: Would you list some "things you know now"?

* I know now that it’s the details which make your day feel personal and help your guests feel considered, so put some effort and make it memorable and unique.

* I know that you should select vendors whose personality you like, and then trust them to do their job.

* I know that there will always be things that go wrong, but those are far outweighed by the wonderful things that do happen.

* I know that the tone of the day is set by you and your groom. If you are happy and relaxed, your guests will be so as well!

B: Could you offer any wisdom to other brides?

J: Be bold, be creative, and let your wedding be a reflection of you as a couple. There are no 'rules' with weddings today. Your wedding can be intimate or grand, traditional, or on a beach. Do not be afraid to make it different and truly “yours”.

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{The "Something New" Specialty Cocktail - Lychee Martini's}

{All photo credits to Firefly Studio.}

Thanks Jen, and congratulations again to you and Sean!

Real Wedding ::: Jennifer + Sean's Wedding Reception

B: You obviously put so much thought and effort into every little detail; what was your favourite?

J: My favourite detail was the florals, mostly because they were a surprise to me too! We picked a florist who was extremely creative and beyond telling him what types of flowers we liked, we really let him have free reign. Throughout the wedding planning, I would send him bits of inspiration -- photos of bouquets, samples of my DIY wedding stationary, links to blogs -- I think all of that transpired into giving him a vision of the whole wedding "day". The arrangements he created perfectly captured the look we were going for. As well, the architecture of our venue was already impressive and we didn't want the florals to compete with that. Our florist embraced that challenge... he even created a garland which incorporated the huge 14' modernist metal sculpture at the ceremony site!

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{All floral credits to Bruno at Fresh Floral Creations.}

{All photo credits to Firefly Studio.}


Real Wedding ::: Jennifer + Sean's Wedding Ceremony

I am so thrilled with today’s posts! I’m able to share some pictures and wedding insights from a friend. And, because I didn't have the heart to cut out any of her pictures, I'm going to spread this out over three posts today.

I mentioned the Weddingbells website a couple of posts ago but I didn’t mention some of the amazing women I’ve had the good fortune to meet. Jennifer is one of these women. I had the opportunity to watch the planning of Jennifer and Sean’s wedding unfold gradually and I was completely and utterly enchanted by the thought and care she and her husband put into every single aspect of their special day.

They are a very talented couple so I wasn't surprised; they've even written and published a book together, Design City Toronto.

Jennifer can better explain how their day came to be so wonderful, beautiful, and thoughtful…

Blush: Your wedding was just stunning; what inspired the design of your event?

Jennifer: Of all things, our wedding was inspired by Oprah! I was watching Oprah's 20th Anniversary DVD and saw the episode where she throws a fabulous brunch under a huge tent. That was the feeling we wanted to create for our own wedding - a relaxed, full of laughter, sunny, jazzy affair. Sean also proposed to me over brunch so a daytime summer wedding was perfect for us.

We also wanted to incorporate our interests and heritage into the event, so you will see architecture-related touches (like our gothic venue, and DIY card "house") and Asian elements (such as our bamboo arch and the traditional Filipino veil & cord ceremony).

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{All photo credits to Firefly Studio.}


Alan Maudie Photography

I noted Alan Maudie's Photography in my last post and I can't just let him slip by without a more honourable mention. Alan is one of the most incredible, talented photographers in Calgary. He’ll scale mountains for the perfect shot, he has the uncanny ability to find backdrop walls that match the bride’s eyes and, by the looks of his shoots, he encompasses the ability to bring ease to his subjects. He’s pretty funny too, read his blog.

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Alan is also the talent that took this picture. It's one of my favourite wedding photos ever. Of all time. I loved our wedding photos, but if I could re-shoot them, I'd make sure there was one like this in the bunch.

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Have you heard of Weddingbells? The are a Canadian based wedding magazine and online resource for everything wedding. They include articles and planners and tips and local vendors. And they, like all of our favourite sites, have galleries of "real weddings".

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This is an October wedding of Angie and Mike in Calgary. All images shot by the wonderful and supremely talented Alan Maudie.

I met many fantastic brides from across the country on the Weddingbells online forums, all planning their weddings and meeting like-minded women (and some men) who actually want to talk non-stop about weddings.

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Martha Stewart's Blog

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I was at Michaels yesterday, perusing Martha's Halloween Craft treats when I wondered if she has anything coming out for the Christmas season. So I popped on over to her site to see.

I didn't find any, but I did find Martha's Blog! up close & personal ! Did you know she had a blog?! I didn't! Now we do! I'm so excited!

I can't stop exclamation pointing!



How cute are these for favours?

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Find them at www.gumballs.com


Yvonne Floral Designs

My lovely friend Jennifer was married in late August and I will be posting the photos from their wedding on Blush within the week. In the meantime, she provided me with the links of a few of her favourite sites that helped inspire her lovely (you’ll see…) wedding.

Yvonne Floral Designs is based in Hawaii, they are full of striking, innovative and creative ideas that surpass the traditional inspirations for “tropical’ weddings. I love how she has divided up her photo galleries into “weddings”, “elements”, and “colors”. If you click on the link, expect to spend quite a bit of time browsing.

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Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

I don't know about you but I'm having a love affair with wood. So, when I saw this alternative to the paper plate my heart skipped a beat.

Bambu. This line of dinnerware is environmentally friendly and fashionable: they're beatiful and disposable, Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, these environmentally friendly bamboo plates provide a sleek alternative to boring, less sophisticated disposables. Made of 100% organically grown bamboo, these plates fully biodegrade in 4-6 months and contain no bleaches or dyes.

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Found at Joanne Hudson Basics.

Be still my heart.


MHP ::: The Ring Shot

This is how I categorize the photos that I love. “Must Have Photos”. I named the collection when I began my accumulation of pictures to show our photographers. In my naivety, I thought this would help them to know what we would like. I then realized that you couldn’t just show a photographer some pictures and expect them to capture what you’d like them to. You have to find a photographer with a particular style and vision that you like and relate to -- then you hire them –- then you have to trust them.

This couple, Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser, are the husband and wife team behind The Image Is Found in San Diego. In my humble opinion, they are wonderful. Amazing really. Really, really, really.

One of my most favourite photos of a wedding day is what I call “The Ring Shot” and they’ve mastered it.

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Hockneyizing and Flickrfying

I popped in on a favourite this morning, Brooklyn Bride , where Vane introduces us to fabulous things. First of all, I thought I was lost, because I didn’t recognize the blog for a moment; she added a new header, which is absolutely lovely. She gave a shout out to Jessica at How About Orange who provided the design. Me, not able to resist a link, saunters on over to How About Orange and was deeee-lighted. I was barely on the site for a couple of minutes before I added her to my favourites.

Which brings me to the title of today’s post. I thought it sounded a little dirty but, well, it’s Friday so I’m feeling extra sassy.

I found these two fun tools:

The Hockneyizer. Where you can upload a photo to make a scatter of Polaroid’s. This is my wedding bouquet.

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Neat, neat, neat. You can use any photo you like, choose the amount of Polaroid’s you want, shuffle them around and that’s it! You’re Hockneyized.

They also provide a quotation with each shuffle, this was mine,

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." — Kahlil Gibran. Awwwww…..

Then, not able to resist, I wheeled through some older entries and found Spell with Flickr! I’m a word and font junkie. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before but, now it’s out there. Upon entrance to the site you enter in the word you want “Flickr’ed” and it’ll provide an assortment of letters from the Flickr files and make your word! Neato mosquito! It even allows you to “flick” through the letters if you don’t the like the one you were dealt.

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So, happy Friday! Play away!


Carrie Weston Jewellery

I know that Carrie Weston has been around for a while and I know that she’s been blogged about copious times in the past but I just can’t help myself.

If I were a bride, right now, I’d by myself all three of these rings. Why all three you ask? Because wouldn’t I be fabulous?!?

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She describes this design as her “signature hit”. It was originally designed for her brother to propose with. I wish I had a sister that designed jewellery. {Hint, hint Jodi!}

These next two pieces would be perfect for attendants’ gifts. Wouldn’t the butterfly rings be lovely perched on the fingers of your maids? And what guy wouldn’t get a kick out of hot dog cufflinks?

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And, lastly, “this stacking sandwich ring is a throw back to the good ol' times of brown bagged lunches. Remember when life was so simple?” says Carrie. The five rings feature lettuce, cheese & bologna in between 2 slices of bread.

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I think this will be my next splurge.


Farewell to Faye & Greer

Part of my morning ritual is to wander through some of my favourite wedding blogs, one very near the top of the list is Faye & Greer, a mother and daughter team planning a wedding whilst living long-distance. I was shocked and saddened to read yesterday’s entry – they’re bidding adieu to their blog.

So, in honour of them, the following are three of my favourite Faye & Greer entries:
Fondant Favorites
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Inspiration Boards
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Faye's Picnic-Inspired Recommitment Ceremony
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This is the comment I left on their last entry and I’ll reiterate it here…

“People so seldom say I like you. When you know it's time you should it's either too late or self-conscious. So when I tell you I like you, it doesn't mean I know you'll never go, only that I wish you didn't have to.

Thanks for it all ladies. Thanks for the pretty and the real and the frivolous.”


Being Green

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My friend Lara from ready 2 spark {unofficially} tagged me to answer this…

What are you doing to introduce environmental sustainability into your daily life?

It seems that Andy and I contibute a small effort to lessen the blow to our little footprint on earth. But there is so much more we can do, thanks for the reminder Lara. This is what I've come up with.

Wedded Green. When I planned our wedding I was very, very conscious about buying items specifically for the wedding that I would never, ever use again. I attempted to utilize items we already had around the house or procured new items that we would find a suitable use for in our home. For example, the card box for our wedding is now the receptacle for the daily newspaper, an old shed door used as decoration is now in our garden, the ceremony arch is now in our inventory to reuse at client weddings. The fabric used to decorate the head table and “Pie” table are going to become pillows in my girly-girl-haven-retreat room, moss used as d├ęcor will become topiaries and my favourite brown feather wreath (which I find kinda sexy) is going to find a home over our bed.

E-Green. I used to print out so many photos and put them in a journals and albums and scrapbooks. Each event has it’s own. Each category has it’s own. Now, I’m all organized on the computer. This blog has helped me categorize items. And, I’ll soon be communicating ideas and inspiration pictures to my clients over the web.

Living Green. I don’t want to re-state too many things that other people have but we’re pretty conscious of the everyday things. We recycle {nearly*} everything, everything we can anyway. We carpool. We have re-useable shopping bags. Turn off lights, unplug everything; I use the toaster oven if I can instead of the big oven. I wash dishes in an inch of water, we use rainwater to water the plants and we shop at the farmer’s markets. We use Method products.

*One effort we've adopted {out of necessity} is to buy products in {conveniently} recyclable containers. What do I mean by that? Calgary doesn’t have the greatest recycling program and they aren’t launching the new one until 2009 I think? We can’t recycle anything plastic, like salad dressing, mustard and mayo bottles. Margarine and Philly cream cheese containers. Not to mention plastic packaging like saran wrap and the plastic that everything is packaged in, like cookies, a pair of stockings… It drives me absolutely mad! So, if I’m going to buy mustard or salad dressing, I buy the kind in a glass jar that I can recycle. And, if I buy a margarine container, well I keep it and use it for leftovers or freezing stuff. I found out that a small town (yay Okotoks!) recycles plastic so I may just collect our stuff and drop it off every few months when we might drive through.

Oh, and in the spring, I’m going to start composting!

I almost forgot to pass on the tag:
Kelly from Glamour this!
Liene {or her resident guest blogger!} from blue orchid designs , and
My friend Sharmi from Glory Box


desire to inspire

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I love this. I love the wooden initials. I love what it means. I really love the trunk. And the jars. I don't know what's in the jars but I love that too. I love the butterfly, which is particularly odd because I don't normally love butterflies. Not that there is anything wrong with butterflies. I love the colours; I love the light. And I especially love the message, "Inspiration lingers around every corner".

This is how I work. Inspiration will just jump out and announce itself to me, whether it's in a song, or an advertisement, or a picture. I'm pretty sure I could design an entire function around this little picture.

I found the image on a design blog called desire to inspire. It's a wonderful place, you should go. Go now.

I found it because it was a "Blogs of Note" on Blogger a couple of weeks ago.

The image is by Pia Jane Bijkerk. Go visit her too.


Amy + Colby's E-Pics

My friends (and clients) Amy and Colby are getting married next year. They told me about these two fabulous photographers they’ve hired for their wedding. I, needing to know what’s up with these two guys I’ve never heard of, decided to check them out. I was so glad I did!

Duane and Kevan of Duane Clemens Photography and Kevan Wilkie Photography work projects together to capture each and every angle, emotion and detail of a shoot. Their packages are incredibly reasonable and they do wonderful work. I have yet to acquaint myself with either gent but we’re working on a meeting. Can’t wait!

I popped in to see what was new on their blogs Duane's blog and Kevan's blog, and was entirely delighted to see Amy and Colby’s Engagement shoot. Two words. Gor. Geous.

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Palate Palette

I have a couple getting married next year on the first day of summer. Outside. Beside a pond. I had bright colours dancing through my head, pinks! oranges! yellows! aquas! greens! blues!

Then Terri bought her dress; {it’s beautiful by the way} it has highlights and embroidery in burgundy. Her bridesmaids will be in black. And the men will be in black tuxedos. Hmmm. Challenge. Burgundy and black automatically make me think of winter and fall. So, It’s my job to bring in the summer!

Inspiration! My husband was casually flipping through an issue of Men’s Fitness magazine and, me, peeking over his shoulder (he loves it when I do this, ha!) spots a bar chart showing the different types of wine. Quite frankly, I wasn’t paying attention to the article, just the bar chart showing the gradient colours of wine from a darkest to lightest. It was gorgeous! Me: “Are you done with that magazine yet honey?” “Now? Are you done now?” So I cut it out of the magazine and showed it to Terri. She’s all in.

This is the palette we’re going with, and I’m really excited about it!

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Since our next task is focusing on hiring a florist I spent some time yesterday thinking about her bouquet. These are a few considerations I’ve sent her.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm very excited to see how this is all going to shape up. I love this creative stage of the wedding planning. And, the moral of the story... inspiration can be found anywhere!


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I am extremely flattered and happy to note that the distinguished Liene of blue orchid designs has included me on her blog roll call. Thanks Liene! You're divine.

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And! The alluring Kelly of Glamour this! has included Blush as one of her links. Thanks Kelly! Love what you do!

If you haven't visited these two blogs, well... you should!

ps:: this post was brought to you buy the punctuation " ! "


The Envelope

After my morning visit to the supreme Style Me Pretty I linked on over to James Abel Events at Abby's suggestion and browsed around a bit. He is an event designer from Manhattan and he’s wonderful and talented. From the many beautiful photos in his gallery this one stuck out as one of my favourites.

I love the envelope on the chair. But I’m not sure what it’s for. Is it the “place card”? I can’t tell if it has a name on it. Is it the menu? What is it? Curiosity got the better of me and I emailed him to ask. I’m eagerly anticipating his response…

**Edited** James was kind enough to respond (and very expediently I might add) that it was the wedding favour! Of course! He didn't offer what the favour was and I didn't ask. Thanks James!