MiMa Designs

I bought the most adorable mini calendar yesterday and just had to investigate the website of the design company that produced it.

Toronto based MiMa Designs is responsible for this new found spot of sunshine on my desk (pictured first). I was delightfully surprised to find colourful, graphic and unique everyday stationary, and wedding invitations as well!




Loop Events Arts and Interiors

Oh my goodness! I've missed you all! Between the Wedding Fair two weekends ago, a crazy busy work schedule, SexyHusband's birthday last weekend, my sister's new (absolutely adorable) puppy and serious Internet issues I've been on an unvoluntary hiatus from blogging.

I think this is probably the longest I've gone without posting and I've sincerely realized how much I look forward to it and anticipate your responses. So, thanks for your patience, I hope you haven't given up on me!?!

I stumbled accross the website of Loop Events Arts and Interiors and I was so impressed with their designs I spent about an hour on their website. I adore how they have their galleries separated by colour and that each creation is unique and textural and breathtaking and fresh and simple. So, I just had to share them with you...


And, by the way, this is my 100th post. Hooray for Blushalicious! I had big plans for number 100 but they've fallen by the wayside in the crazyness of life; I'm just happy to post something!



Pretty Picture


It is a busy, busy day today and we're having internet issues so this is all I can muster. Enjoy your day! See the pretty.

Photo Credit: Erin Gilmore


Real Wedding ::: Mona + Mohit

I posted a while ago on another wedding shot by Rob and Lauren Photographers. But this time I’m honoured to share these pictures from the magnificent four day Hindu wedding of Mona and Mohit.

I have a secret wish to attend weddings of all different cultures and this is a wonderful glimpse into a Hindu wedding. Every aspect of this wedding appears to be full of tradition and excitement, family and energy. I love it all - from the intricacy of the Mendhi to the special pink Chura, and especially the vibrant colours of the bridal party. You can see many, many more photos on Rob and Lauren’s Blog.


Rob and Lauren have developed somewhat of a reputation for shooting multicultural wedding events. They have gleaned as much as possible from each event they shoot but in their desire to learn more, they have gone off on an amazing and educational adventure to discover and understand so much more. They left on January 2, 2008 for a month in Vietnam and two months in India. They will be seeking out authentic cultural weddings, and then will create a resource for anyone looking to learn more about the ins and outs of these incredible, and complicated events.

Visit The Wedding Travelers blog to follow along on their trip.


Real Wedding ::: Jennifer + Sean


I'm so pleased for my friend Jen, her wedding has been chosen by Weddingbells.ca as Wedding of the Week! Congratulations Jennifer and Sean!

I posted their ceremony, reception, and the (fabulous) detail photos before but they’re so beautiful, why not share again?

All of the photos are credited to their photographer, Firefly Studio.


Real Wedding ::: Lauren + Derek


Timeless, classic, simple. The wedding of Lauren and Derek exemplifies the idea of a simple wedding. Both venues provide natural d├ęcor of rustic beauty; they didn’t have an aisle or ceremony seating, everyone just gathered around. Beautiful dahlias provide bursts of colour and the bride and groom’s attire is gorgeous, effortless, and stylish. They let the surroundings determine the details of the wedding, such as the twig handled silverware, the woodland cake, and the camp badge favours.

I love this wedding. Really love it. If SexyHusband and I could do it all again – this would be my inspiration.

Jessamyn Harris is the talent behind the glorious wedding photographs and the lovely and graceful couple are the curators of The Curiosity Shop in San Francisco.


Special Wedding Show on Martha


I just wanted to make sure you all know about Martha's Special Wedding Show airing on The Martha Stewart Show this Friday, January 18.

Martha and guests will share their one-of-a-kind ideas for something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue! First, fabulous designing duo Badgley Mischka has planned two fashion shows: one showcasing their stunning bridal gowns, and the other with their latest in bridesmaid fashions. Then, learn how to select the perfect cake when master baker and Martha Stewart Weddings contributing editor Wendy Kromer joins Martha with some spectacular dessert options. Plus, Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller returns to the show with Good Things for every aspect of the big day.

I'm going straight home to set my TiVo!

Crush on a Box


Aren't these boxes fabulously adorable? You can find them several places if you Google "green organic favour boxes". You could fill them with nuts, as pictured here, or...


Kiss Me Frog Chocolates, Dufflet Marvelous Chocolate Morsels, or Mightly Leaf Tea.

I adore all these products but I’m completely besotted with the Mighty Leaf Vanilla Bean Flavoured Black Tea. Whenever I enjoy a mug I call it lingerie teatime because of the extravagant silk pouch it comes in – which is biodegradable by the way.

What would you fill them with?


Nearly Wed

Considering that I am absolutely addicted to wedding magazines I am eagerly awaiting the release of the first Real Simple Weddings issue. I know that you can pick them up in-store or online from Crate & Barrel but we don’t have one in our city as of yet (apparently coming soon!)

In trying to find out some more information on the release of the magazine I went on their website and then found my way to the Nearly Wed blog, authored by Margrit, an editor for RealSimple.com.

I was absolutely delighted and surprised to find Blushalicious listed as one of her favourite sites!

Thank you so much Margrit! I'm flattered. Giddy actually. All the best with your wedding planning!


English Rose Board

On Friday I suggested that readers tell me which was their favourite bridal gown from the six Monique Lhuillier dresses I posted and I would create an inspiration board. This was much easier said than done as usually I have a few pictures and an idea before I create a board. This dress had me starting with a blank canvas, just the dress; but I love a challenge so this is how it evolved...

The dress made me think of a church wedding, as the dress is quite demure. I imagined a stuffy old vicker telling the bride she couldn't bare her shoulders in his esteemed cathedral. I then imagined lovely pink roses, cricket, tea cakes, and footmen with top hats. Of course, every English Rose wedding would be attended by the finest frocks and millinery and I found inspiration for the reception venue from the exposed brick of the backdrop in the dress picture.


Flower Girl Picture by Ben Joseph Photography; Dress by Monique Lhuillier; Venue from Smith and Niemierko; Church picture by Kate Hampton Photography; Bouquet by Martha Stewart Weddings; Shoe shot from Kathryn Lloyd; Cake by Little Venice Cake Company; Top Hats picture from Kate Hampton Photography; Woman in hat by Robert Lawler; Croquet from Brides.com.

Please let me know how I did!


Monique Lhuillier Bridal Collection Autumn 2008

It feels like a pretty, dressy, kind of day.

These dresses are from the enviable and gifted designer, Monique Lhuillier but these pictures are from Brides Magazine Co UK.


Leave a comment telling me which dress is your favourite and I'll use it as inspiration for a wedding board. Just for fun.



Remember when you were little and you'd get a new toy with lots of little plastic pieces? They'd come attached in one plastic sheet and you'd have to snap them out before you could play with anything?

Now you can Snap-a-Party! It even comes with chopsticks and a napkin ring! So fun. So cute. I'm hoping that the plastic is sturdy enough so you could wash and re-use.


By Fred and Friends.

Happy Birthday Susanne!



The Wedding Bag by Shelly George

OMG. Have you seen this bag? I'm almost giddy.


And, because I'm essentially speachless with awe and admiration for this bag, I've shamelessly copied this directly from Shelley George's website...

"When I set out to design this bag I knew it had to be practical, with a place for just about everything you need for going to and from appointments and fittings. I think it's also important that it's stylish and a bit luxurious so you love carrying this day after day, even after your wedding." ~ Shelley George

This ultimate wedding organizer arrives stocked with two fabric totes for lingerie and shoes, two leather zip pouches for receipts and swatches, and a heart shaped leather jewelry box.

Interior lining is printed with the words "Something Blue" and is divided to organize and store magazines, folders, jewelry, receipts and more.

Two exterior side pockets with buckle closure provide easy access to your cell phone, keys and other essentials.

Made from durable nylon and generously trimmed with extra soft pale blue leather. Measures 16" across, 12" high and 4.5" wide with lightly padded leather shoulder straps.

OMG. I want this bag and I'm already married. If I had my own list of reasons why I'm addicted to weddings, this would make the list. See the original list of Top 10 Signs You Are A Wedding Addict that Saundra of Planning...Forever Events wrote on her blog.

P.S. I Love You

I am going on a date night with my sister this evening. I am super excited! We haven’t been very good at making time for each other so the fact that we’re having a chick night is seriously fantastic. I vow that tonight is only the first in a series of many.

I’m excited because we’re going to try a new restaurant. You see, it’s sister-chick-date-night-illegal to dine at a restaurant that one of us has been to before. We're allowed go to a restaurant that only one of us has frequented, but not both.

I’m excited because we’re going to a movie, which I hardly ever do. And it’s a chick movie, P.S. I Love You. I heard it’s a multi-tissue movie though?!?

I’m excited just to hang out with her.

Sisters rule.

My sister rules.


Photo Cred:
Movie Poster from Warner Brothers; tissues and sisters from Getty Images; Restaurant from Cilantro (which happens to be the last restaurant we tried.)

p.s. I love you -- Dodles!


Xs & Os

Even though I’m trying to keep off the sweets, I can’t help but want to run out and buy this X and O Silicone Mold from chefscatalog.com.

Imagine serving the the adorable treats for an upcoming wedding or baby shower, or package up an "x" and an "o" as a wedding favour. Or bake up a batch for your sweetie on Valentines’ day. The website even provides the recipes for the Mini Chocolate Cupcakes and the Mini Vanilla Cupcakes.




Real Wedding ::: Marliss + Brad

I just adore these next two photos, nice capture to Rob & Lauren. Do you recognize their first dance?


It's from Dirty Dancing of course... "Nobody puts Marliss in a corner."

Lastly, I just wanted to express my admiration for the use of the venue in these last two photos. The venue is the historical McKay Avenue School.

In case you can't read this, the board on the right has lines written on it, "Brad loves Marliss, Brad loves Marliss, Brad loves Marliss..." The board on the left says, "and to her I pledge my love and loyalty" Oh so sweet.


Their expressions are priceless!


Love, love, love. It's all about the details. Find the rest of the pictures on Rob & Lauren's Blog.

Real Wedding ::: Marliss + Brad

This is the beautiful wedding of Marliss and Brad, shot by the ever-so-talented Rob & Lauren Photographers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I am completely enchanted and captivated by this wedding; the venue is so full of character and the couple used it to it’s full potential. I wish I knew how the creation of this wedding took place - if the historical site prompted the theme of the wedding or if the couple were delighted to find the perfect place to hold their Roaring 20’s/Hollywood Glamour designed wedding.

To start: something special tucked into the folds of Marliss' dress, easily one of the most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen, and a breathtaking bridal portrait.


Next: Caught kissing in the classroom, fun shots of the bridal party (amazing lighting), the themed movie clapper, and the favours of chocolate cigars and Popeye ciggies.


I'll post a couple more pictures a little later today.


kenzieKate Invitations

Yesterday, I had the great fortune to chat with the charming Mackenzie Sala of Something Old, Something New. I’m a daily admirer of her blog and I’m so very grateful that she took some time out of her day for me.

Being a fan of her blog, I’m also a fan of her invitations so I popped on over; have you taken a look at kenzieKate Invitations lately? She has some new suites in her collection. Gorgeous.

I love that she finds inspiration from, and names her works, after beautiful cities, both domestic and international. Her designs are intricate, beautiful, thoughtful, and versatile; the bride and groom can customize both the wording and the colour palette to match their event.

Welcome to Aberdeen, Havana, and Charlotte:


Then, just for fun, I created mini inspiration boards to match these three...




Thanks again Mackenzie!

Photo Credits: I have been collecting photos for a very long time, for the most part it was for inspiration for my own wedding, never with this in mind. So, unfortunately, I don't have all the sources for these photos. I wil list those I do have. If you recognize a photo as yours or can identify the source please contact me.

Cozumel: outdoor reception by Beth Helmstetter Events; Shell 'ringbox' and shell 'wreaths' by Colin Cowie.


I'm It!

I was tagged three times in the last month and unfortunately never found the time to respond. Oopsie! Thanks all to Jane of Delight Your Senses, Terrica of Fabuluxe Events, and Jessica Lynn of Tying The Knot. An honorable mention goes out to Melissa of Masterpiece Weddings who almost tagged me.

Rules of "tag":
1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.


1 I once rode on the top of an elevator. SexyHusband was stuck in said elevator; I called the technician and when he jacked open the outer doors and stepped inside, on top of the elevator, he asked me if I wanted to come too, “um… yes please!” It was oddly thrilling. I felt like I was in a Bruce Willis movie. The dude looked nothing like Bruce Willis. SexyHusband came out unscathed.

2 I love chairs. I don’t know why.

3 I believe that more people should curtsey to me*. Once upon a time I was in a store looking for something in particular (I don’t even remember what), I asked a salesgirl if she could check the back storeroom, she said she would, and then she sort of bowed/curtseyed to me. It was peculiar; it amused me, I was confused (why did she just do that?) I liked it a little too much and thus coined the phrase "more people should bow to me". SexyHusband and I now use this private joke it if we’re getting bad service. It cracks me up. Also, on some days, but not all days, I’m convinced I should have been a princess**.

**not kidding

4 I severely dislike mushrooms. I was a very picky eater when I was a kid but have since trained myself to like most everything. I conquered tomatoes and yogurt just this past year. I’m a total foodie, I love to cook and I really love food so I don’t want to impede any gastronomic experiences. However, I cannot get myself beyond mushrooms. I don’t even like being in the same room with mushrooms.

5 I like to eat the top off things. I’m all about the icing. When I eat my favourite brownies that my Mom makes, I pop the icing off and eat it last. If I eat a cupcake or a muffin, I pop the top off, eat the bottom part, and then eat the top. It’s really the only way.

6 I like words and vocabulary and penmanship and fonts. I don’t like to abbreviate words. I like words so I like to spell them out.

7 My first job real job was scooping ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. I was 13 years old and made $3.30 an hour. I think I was there for about two weeks before I took over the making and decorating of all the pies and cakes. I worked there for two summers. Upon completion of my tenure at Baskin-Robbins I didn’t eat ice cream for about ten years.

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