Real Wedding ::: Marliss + Brad

This is the beautiful wedding of Marliss and Brad, shot by the ever-so-talented Rob & Lauren Photographers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I am completely enchanted and captivated by this wedding; the venue is so full of character and the couple used it to it’s full potential. I wish I knew how the creation of this wedding took place - if the historical site prompted the theme of the wedding or if the couple were delighted to find the perfect place to hold their Roaring 20’s/Hollywood Glamour designed wedding.

To start: something special tucked into the folds of Marliss' dress, easily one of the most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen, and a breathtaking bridal portrait.


Next: Caught kissing in the classroom, fun shots of the bridal party (amazing lighting), the themed movie clapper, and the favours of chocolate cigars and Popeye ciggies.


I'll post a couple more pictures a little later today.

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