Sigh ~**~~ Waiting on Martha

I love living in Canada. It's a glorious place. But, having to wait for the current issue of a magazine to be stocked onto the shelves of the local Chapter's is just plain cruel and unusual. Especially when it's all over the website and my fellow American bloggers were talking about it a week ago. ~~**~ Sigh...

{gazes dreamily at this picture}
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~~**~ sigh ~**~~


Glamour This! by Kelly said...

Oh I completely understand you... since monday I've been calling everyone around to see if they've received it, from pharmacies, to grocery store... but no luck.

Today I finally got my copy. I am so excited...I hope you get yours soon.

Lisa from Blush said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for commenting! I picked mine up last night too. I haven't even had a chance to flip through it yet. I also picked up Martha's Holiday Halloween issue. Have you seen it? Brilliance.

Glamour This! by Kelly said...

ya I saw it... but we all know anything Martha is the best. I didnt purchase it but when the holiday issue comes out... ill be the first in line.