Alan Maudie Photography

I noted Alan Maudie's Photography in my last post and I can't just let him slip by without a more honourable mention. Alan is one of the most incredible, talented photographers in Calgary. He’ll scale mountains for the perfect shot, he has the uncanny ability to find backdrop walls that match the bride’s eyes and, by the looks of his shoots, he encompasses the ability to bring ease to his subjects. He’s pretty funny too, read his blog.

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Alan is also the talent that took this picture. It's one of my favourite wedding photos ever. Of all time. I loved our wedding photos, but if I could re-shoot them, I'd make sure there was one like this in the bunch.

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Jennifer said...

Love these photos! He seems to have an excellent knack for spotting beautiful contrasts of color. Thanks for sharing this! :)

pearls events said...

Beautiful photos--totally loving the one with the shoes too! :) Thanks for the add to your blogroll. It's much appreciated.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for your kind comments and for adding me to your blogroll as well! You're a daily read on my RSS feed. :)