Props To Orange Girl

Orange Girl Photographs is an absolute visual and ingenious delight. Kirstie Tweed is a photographer living and working in and around Banff; I think her packages include Calgary, Kananaskis and Canmore too. Her photos are beautifully composed and really capture the emotion of her subjects. I’m thinking that her personality has a lot to do with bringing out the fun in people. When I read her blog and spilled over her artsy self portraiture it made me want to meet this woman – I can’t imagine that she’s anything but pure charm.

The thing that impressed me the most (besides her incredible talent) is the utter thoughtfulness she extends to her engagement shoots. In the pictures below you’ll see the use of props in her photos to bring to life the personality and individuality of her couples. She made the pink flower heart to accentuate a Valentine’s engagement shoot – she chose pink as it was the couples wedding colour. The beautiful chair on the dock was made by the groom – Kirstie noticed it in the couples home and asked them to bring it along for their Banff shoot. She even had the t-shirts made for “Trish and Mike” – she did, not them. Talk about going above and beyond. I don’t know the story behind the rest of the pictures but her use of props is fabulous. Props to you Kirstie. I’m hoping we’ll work together some day.

Check out her blog too: Orange Girl's Blog

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Anonymous said...

WOW! I am BLUSHing. Thank you dearly for your sweet words! I feel fortunate to work with couples whose personalities and the love that they have for each other inspire me. We will have to meet.