Amy + Colby's E-Pics

My friends (and clients) Amy and Colby are getting married next year. They told me about these two fabulous photographers they’ve hired for their wedding. I, needing to know what’s up with these two guys I’ve never heard of, decided to check them out. I was so glad I did!

Duane and Kevan of Duane Clemens Photography and Kevan Wilkie Photography work projects together to capture each and every angle, emotion and detail of a shoot. Their packages are incredibly reasonable and they do wonderful work. I have yet to acquaint myself with either gent but we’re working on a meeting. Can’t wait!

I popped in to see what was new on their blogs Duane's blog and Kevan's blog, and was entirely delighted to see Amy and Colby’s Engagement shoot. Two words. Gor. Geous.

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ready.2.spark said...

I just want to say congratulations on the blog! I recognized your picture immediately from Weddingbells. I absolutely loved all of the details you put into your wedding - I just happened to be planning my wedding when you were posting about yours. Welcome to the blogging community. I'd like to tag you (informally) on the challenge I've sent out to bloggers to talk about how you introduce environmental sustainability into your life - see post: http://ready2spark.blogspot.com/2007/10/were-starting-movement-tag-youre-it.html
Try to pass this on to at least 3 other bloggers to keep the movement going!

All my best!