Palate Palette

I have a couple getting married next year on the first day of summer. Outside. Beside a pond. I had bright colours dancing through my head, pinks! oranges! yellows! aquas! greens! blues!

Then Terri bought her dress; {it’s beautiful by the way} it has highlights and embroidery in burgundy. Her bridesmaids will be in black. And the men will be in black tuxedos. Hmmm. Challenge. Burgundy and black automatically make me think of winter and fall. So, It’s my job to bring in the summer!

Inspiration! My husband was casually flipping through an issue of Men’s Fitness magazine and, me, peeking over his shoulder (he loves it when I do this, ha!) spots a bar chart showing the different types of wine. Quite frankly, I wasn’t paying attention to the article, just the bar chart showing the gradient colours of wine from a darkest to lightest. It was gorgeous! Me: “Are you done with that magazine yet honey?” “Now? Are you done now?” So I cut it out of the magazine and showed it to Terri. She’s all in.

This is the palette we’re going with, and I’m really excited about it!

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Since our next task is focusing on hiring a florist I spent some time yesterday thinking about her bouquet. These are a few considerations I’ve sent her.

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I'm very excited to see how this is all going to shape up. I love this creative stage of the wedding planning. And, the moral of the story... inspiration can be found anywhere!

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