Being Green

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My friend Lara from ready 2 spark {unofficially} tagged me to answer this…

What are you doing to introduce environmental sustainability into your daily life?

It seems that Andy and I contibute a small effort to lessen the blow to our little footprint on earth. But there is so much more we can do, thanks for the reminder Lara. This is what I've come up with.

Wedded Green. When I planned our wedding I was very, very conscious about buying items specifically for the wedding that I would never, ever use again. I attempted to utilize items we already had around the house or procured new items that we would find a suitable use for in our home. For example, the card box for our wedding is now the receptacle for the daily newspaper, an old shed door used as decoration is now in our garden, the ceremony arch is now in our inventory to reuse at client weddings. The fabric used to decorate the head table and “Pie” table are going to become pillows in my girly-girl-haven-retreat room, moss used as décor will become topiaries and my favourite brown feather wreath (which I find kinda sexy) is going to find a home over our bed.

E-Green. I used to print out so many photos and put them in a journals and albums and scrapbooks. Each event has it’s own. Each category has it’s own. Now, I’m all organized on the computer. This blog has helped me categorize items. And, I’ll soon be communicating ideas and inspiration pictures to my clients over the web.

Living Green. I don’t want to re-state too many things that other people have but we’re pretty conscious of the everyday things. We recycle {nearly*} everything, everything we can anyway. We carpool. We have re-useable shopping bags. Turn off lights, unplug everything; I use the toaster oven if I can instead of the big oven. I wash dishes in an inch of water, we use rainwater to water the plants and we shop at the farmer’s markets. We use Method products.

*One effort we've adopted {out of necessity} is to buy products in {conveniently} recyclable containers. What do I mean by that? Calgary doesn’t have the greatest recycling program and they aren’t launching the new one until 2009 I think? We can’t recycle anything plastic, like salad dressing, mustard and mayo bottles. Margarine and Philly cream cheese containers. Not to mention plastic packaging like saran wrap and the plastic that everything is packaged in, like cookies, a pair of stockings… It drives me absolutely mad! So, if I’m going to buy mustard or salad dressing, I buy the kind in a glass jar that I can recycle. And, if I buy a margarine container, well I keep it and use it for leftovers or freezing stuff. I found out that a small town (yay Okotoks!) recycles plastic so I may just collect our stuff and drop it off every few months when we might drive through.

Oh, and in the spring, I’m going to start composting!

I almost forgot to pass on the tag:
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ready.2.spark said...

Fantastic post & visually beautiful. So well thought out - thanks for meeting the challenge and passing it on!

Glamour This! by Kelly said...

thanks for taggin me, i will work on my living green post!!!