desire to inspire

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I love this. I love the wooden initials. I love what it means. I really love the trunk. And the jars. I don't know what's in the jars but I love that too. I love the butterfly, which is particularly odd because I don't normally love butterflies. Not that there is anything wrong with butterflies. I love the colours; I love the light. And I especially love the message, "Inspiration lingers around every corner".

This is how I work. Inspiration will just jump out and announce itself to me, whether it's in a song, or an advertisement, or a picture. I'm pretty sure I could design an entire function around this little picture.

I found the image on a design blog called desire to inspire. It's a wonderful place, you should go. Go now.

I found it because it was a "Blogs of Note" on Blogger a couple of weeks ago.

The image is by Pia Jane Bijkerk. Go visit her too.

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Kim @ The Event Essentials said...

I love your cute name for your blog!! So creative :) I just ran across your blog on Glamerous This! SOOO CUTE!! :)