Real Simple Detail: A Bookish Wedding

Love, love, love, Cole's details incorporating her and her fiancé’s passion for books into their wedding...

My soon to be husband is a librarian and I am a playwright/director. Together we will share not only our love for each other but we will also unite two disgustingly large collections of books. And thus springs forth the ideas for our wedding. I am designing the invitations using library cards and pockets. Seating will be assigned according to the Dewey Decimal system. A variety of our favorite titles from Dover Book Editions will become our wedding favors. Jane Austen, The Great Gatsby and good ol' Librarian Tweed have become our style inspiration.

I have included two pictures that contain photos which currently are inspiring our wedding invitations. The first photo is the invitation suite designed by Minhee and Truman of Paper + Cup for their 2006 wedding (this picture via Brooklyn Bride but originally published in Martha Stewart Weddings) where they used various school paraphernalia for the actual invites. The second photo is from Papermenagerie on Etsy. Although the phrase imprinted is definitely not appropriate (!) for our family, I love how they have printed an image onto a library pocket.


In addition, Snippet & Ink created the most lovely and inspiring of inspiration boards for me (#129). I definitely will be incorporating some of her ideas into my wedding.


And lastly, these are a few more simple details we’d like to introduce into our wedding design.


First row:
Possibly naming the tables after favorite books like "Emma" by Jane Austen Red Loft Studios; Books as décor; Just for fun, this is a photo of Ryan and I standing outside the church where we will be married.

Second row:
More invitation inspiration Pen Carlson Photography; What the guys might wear {frolic!}.

Third row:
Bride & Groom in the library Studio 306; Kissing couple Heather Waraksa; Stacked books “ring pillow” Brooklyn Bride photo by Anna Kuperberg.

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