Real Simple Detail :: La Mariniera

I simply adore this thoughtful and beautiful detail that Merrilee has brought us.

I'm writing with my favorite detail that I incorporated into our wedding day for your Real Simple Giveaway. My favorite element involved a choreographed dance that is a popular 'courtship' dance (for lack of a better term) in my husband's native country of Peru. It's quite a spectacular dance where people participate in dance competitions and perform in these beautifully elaborate costumes all over South America. It's called La Mariniera. Now for months, I tried and tried to get my husband, the best dancer in the world, to teach me and my two left feet the steps but after finally viewing a video of it I decided I'd make a complete fool of myself and I decided to hire professionals to perform it. I really wanted to incorporate something from his heritage into the wedding and of course I'd win some brownie points with the in-laws.


These are some photos from the performance of the dancers who were found just a week before the wedding by of all people, my mother, the furthest thing from a Peruvian. She stumbled across the female member of this team while at a doctor's appointment. Go figure. They were a HUGE hit by both my in-laws and friends alike and were just such a lovely couple. I offered to pay them and they flat out refused to accept payment saying they're simply honored to perform in front of an audience. Can you imagine?

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