Chandelier Details :: Photo Booth

This has to be one of my favourite chandelier finds of the week…

Set up these curtains and they could be a simply fabulous real simple detail. Use them as the backdrop for a photo booth or behind the head table. Imagine if you lit them from behind to make them glow, or clustered lights right behind the print to shine up only the chandelier.

And because they are so charming, you could certainly reuse them in your home making it eco-friendly decor! They would be adorable in a dining room or bedroom.

Love, love, love.


Found on Etsy at Teal Town. Apparently these curtains have received so much attention they will work with their clients to customize them. “All you have to do is contact them with your desired curtain color, ink color and length (63" or to-the-floor) and they will work with you to make a set of curtains.”


jessica lynn said...

ohhhh me likey!

One Love Photo said...

Beautiful! I was window shopping in Santa Monica the other weekend. I found myself drooling over a similar chandelier in a window display. Thanks for adding me to your list!