Real Simple Detail :: Ring Symbolism

Please forgive the lack of posting -- it's been one of those days. I think I'll have time to post a couple of things today, I'll post some tomorrow, then the voting will start. Thanks for your patience. And all the comments! Keep them coming!

This is another idea from Rebecca, she's the one that brought us the first idea I posted a while ago, the mustaches!

My fiance doesn't feel comfortable physically wearing rings...he just doesn't like how they feel on. So, wow, what is a bride to do?

Since our engagement, we've been racking our brains for a way that we can simultaneously both feel good *and* design this important symbolism into our day. It wasn't until I started thinking seriously about flowers and place settings (specifically napkin rings!) that it came to me: our rings could be natural, actual organic stuff!


Top row: A+R Store; Unknown; EcoKitchen
Bottom row: Martha Stewart Crafts; Rustic Spirit; Trillium

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