Wonderful Graffiti :: Ideas

In browsing around the Wonderful Graffiti website I found wedding inspriation almost everywhere, in every product line and gallery ::


Graffiti Monograms can be used in so many ways for your wedding :: they've used them here on clear acetate boxes to house your favour treats; they used them on a window in my earlier post about the New Chocolate Collection; I think they would also work well on wine glasses; on a charger if you had a clear plate to place over it...

This second image came from the Wonderful Graffiti Walls of Fame gallery, a selection of their favourite customer photos. This picture really stood out because this was the First Dance song at a wedding I was at recently. Wouldn't this be fantastic on the wall near your dance floor, or on the dance floor! {The song is Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks.}


This wordsearch from the Chalkboard Graffiti collection is my newest favourite thing. Love, love, love! {I want it for my kitchen.} This board has 'welcome' in red and then the thoughtful people at Wonderful Graffiti will work in the names of your friends or most likely dinner guests. Fantastic no? I'm thinking this would be an adorable surprise for your wedding guests if you had their names hidden in this word search - perhaps if you had a small guest list? Super sweet. I wonder if you could work in their table number... hmmm...

The big "Hello" is from Wonderful! Designs. And Wonderful! they are! This big "hello" or perhaps "welcome" could also greet your guests as they enter the reception.


This is another Graffiti Monogram on the chair. It would be great with your monogram. But wouldn't it also be great if you put your guest's name on their chair? Or on their wineglass? Very sophisticated place 'cards'!

The last image is a Blank Canvas. Wonderful Graffiti will print anything that you send them and create a canvas for you. The best thing about this product is that it's more permanent than the rest, whatever you choose to create can become art for your home.

This canvas has a recipe on it, which I love {of course} but I think the most "Wonderful" thing you could do would be to have your vows printed and put on canvas. Especially if you hand write them. Should you and your groom be keeping your vows a secret you could send them in separately and have the finished product sent to a trusted friend or your wedding planner. They would be great hung up at the welcome table, or behind you at the head table. Then, they can forever hang in your home, reminding you of those very precious words of love you spoke the day you were married. I'd love to have this done with our vows and have them hang in our bedroom.

I hope I've provoked some ideas or inspiration for you :: how would you use Wonderful Graffiti?


*Michelle said...

Love the word search! Thats just so different from anything else I've seen.
I'd use it for decor in my home. I love inspirational phrases on the walls. Cause some mornings we all need something to smile at while dragging our sleepy butts out of bed!

Kat said...

I loooove your idea about the wedding vows! I totally think that I might jack it. :) I've already book marked your page to show the FI. Thank you!

Lisa from Blush said...

Michelle - I love the word search too!

Kat - I sooooo hope you do the 'vows on canvas' thing. Somebody really should!! But, if you 'jack' the idea you HAVE to send pictures! Deal? I love the name of your blog btw.