Strippers? Or Xbox?

I have a secret and it’s been keeping me preoccupied, so I apologize for the lack of posts! Anyway…

This idea came up a couple of weeks ago when SexyHusband {SH} and I had a movie date night.

You know that point in the evening, when you're sitting in the theatre...
- after you’ve figured out where to put your purse
- before you turn off your cell phone
- after you decide if you should put on your sweater
- before you settle in for the previews, and
- after you figure out how to hold the popcorn so you don’t get butter on your pants?

That part where the theatre shows you commercials?

One ad came up and I wasn’t really paying attention, but SH poked me and said, “hey, what a great idea for a bachelor party!

How smart is he?


Instead of your guy getting together with his pals for a night of scantily clad women, an over abundance of tequila shots, and an excess of dirty debauchery, he and his buddies could play Madden NFL 09 on the big screen! Or, I suppose, any other game of their choosing. Apparently Rockband 2 was just released a couple of days ago…

Our local Cineplex Theatre offers Xbox Parties where a group can rent out an entire theatre, bring in a Xbox, a bunch of buddies and play away!


Now, I’m not a gamer, but isn’t that pretty cool? Research your local theatres to see if they offer something similar.

Thanks Babe!

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