Meet Kristine. Kristine Baerlin of Figment. Remember the name. Kristine Baerlin is a talented portrait painter based out of Brooklyn, NY and her paintings are fresh and contemporary and entirely extraordinary.

Her hand-painted portraits of adults and children are a contemporary approach to the pop art tradition, each carefully planned with her clients to best reflect their individual style and taste. Working together, they swap color ideas, decide on a size and determine the best photograph from which to work.

Recently she has done a few bridal and wedding portraits and has loved the endeavour.


Learn more about Kristine and her beautiful and unique portraits at www.figmentstudio.com. Go commission one. Now. Go. Seriously.


aletha :: pearls events said...

Kristine does awesome work!

Laura said...

Kristine's portraits are beautiful, classy and whimsical. My family has commissioned her work before, as well as myself (that's my husband and I in the middle portrait!). Her work is even better in person!