Ribbon Wands

Close your eyes and remember back to when you were a little girl. You were dressed in one of your prettiest dresses; you looked down and noticed a wink of sunlight dancing on your new patent leather Mary-Janes. There was a slight breath of a breeze, the air smelled like sweet peas and you were twirling and twirling until you fell to the grass, giddy and giggly.

Do you remember that frolicsome and frivolous, precocious and pure, sweet and simple fun? That is what these ribbon wands remind me of.

What a wonderful gift for a little girl you know. Perhaps you have a flower girl or two you need the perfect gift for. Perhaps you need one for yourself, or the little girl in you.


The Ribbon Wand Shop is the creation of Nikki Workman. You can check out her shop on Etsy or visit her blog. She took a little break over the summer but her shop re-opened September 1st. Stay tuned for new and fabulous designs!



aletha :: pearls events said...

Ribbon wands always got a bad rap on The Knot message boards when I was planning years ago. But these are precious and I think with the beautiful ribbons Nikki uses, these def. make a statement.

Lisa from Blush said...

Hi Aletha, why did they get a bad wrap?

The Pissed Off Bride said...

These are very cute. I too am curious why they got a bad wrap?

Tickled Pink Brides said...

I attended a wedding once where girls stood outside the ceremony twirling ribbons and greeting guests. The wedding was on a more remote street, so the ribbons in the air made it clear where to enter. It was so neat, visually, and I'll always remember the look of it. Great idea!

michelle @ sweet mady's said...

These are gorgeous! What a great party favor for little girls!

aletha :: pearls events said...

Ooh, I never saw your replies, sorry Lisa + Pissed off Bride. I just NOW saw your comment on my blog, so I'm back to reply :)

I wasn't involved in the drama boards on The Knot, but from what I understood, it was "young brides" that were using these a lot. Supposedly, they had these ideas of fairytale weddings and being princesses. They dressed their flowergirls in fairy wings and tiaras. It was pretty ridiculous, to say the least, but that is all I know! I suppose the other "more sophisticated" brides thought it'd be fun to mock these brides-to-be. In all honestly, it was pretty brutal and not fun, in my opinion.

Personally, I think ribbon wands make for pretty pictures. And sometimes they are the only options, as birdseed, flower petals, poppers, etc. can get messy.

Sorry again I never answered!

Ribbon Wand Maker said...

Hi! Thanks for the feature.

I gotta say, as the maker, that I'm not a big fan of these being used as something the girls use while walking down the isle. For mainly the safety of the unsuspecting folks sitting near the isle that may get whomped in the face by a dolled up flower girl whirling ribbon hairy carey style. I promote my wands as a unique gift for the flower girl and a wonderful photography prop for wedding photos.

Again, thanks for the feature!!
~ Nikki with Ribbon Wands