Sunday Pics :: Shoes

One of the motivations for the start of this blog was to catalogue my favourite ‘must have’ wedding photos, or, “MHP” as I call them and, well… I haven’t really done that. So, welcome to “Sunday Pics”, where every Sunday I’ll post a favourite Must Have Photo.

"Shoe shots" are some of my very favourite photos. {1} because I love shoes {just ask SexyHusband} and {2} because the photographers out there get so creative. You'll see a lot of shoe shots here over time but this style is my current favourite. I love that it's both the bride and the groom's shoes. Just simple and sweet.


Source :: Jonathan Canlas


Lindsey said...

This is an adorable shot. Like you said the shoes are simple and sweet. I love the brides shoes, those are great!

Lisa from Blush said...

Thanks Lindsey! I think the shoes are great too. Love the bows.

Solutions Bridal said...

I love those shoes! Everyday when I arrive at Solutions Bridal I stare at them. Sometimes envision them in a carnation pink. They are adorably comfortable as well. Great Must Have!

Amy said...

a little late but I have to say that i agree! i love those shoes! the pic of our shoes from our wedding (pic on my blog) have been one of my fav pics from our wedding!