Things I Love About Weddings :: Photography


What do you love? Really love? Chocolate? Shoes? Movies? Me too. But, I really, really, really love weddings. I’m not sure why, where it comes from exactly, it’s just a huge passion and it’s always been there.

Since I’ve just passed my one-year blogging milestone I’ve been thinking how I should celebrate “blog-style” and I decided that I should have a countdown. “One Hundred Things I Love About Weddings”. Great. Off I go.

Hmmm… all stop.

In compiling my list, I discovered that there are more than one hundred things – way more. So, how do I pare the list down? I don’t. A foremost priority for starting this blog was to catalogue my favourite wedding things and I don’t want to leave anything out so… here starts the perpetual list of “Things I Love About Weddings”.

If I had done the countdown, photography would have been “#1!” {Insert giant foam finger here.} Because I’m an amateur shutterbug myself I’m endlessly mystified and enthralled by the inestimable number of talented photographers that devote themselves to capturing the perfect picture of the perfect moment of the perfect day. So many succeed perfectly.

Where better to find amazing photos than the The Wedding Photojournalist Association and the The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association that have recently released the winners for the first quarter of 2008.

{Sol Tamargo}

{Kenny Pang}

{Britta Trygstad}

{Jessica Christian }

{Alana Couch}

{Zlatko Batistich}

{Noah Wolf}

{Genya Garrett}

{Kelley Walker Chance}

{Kate Harrison}

See why I love photography? And weddings? Beautiful, sweet, blissful love.


Brittany said...

Those pictures are fantastic. That last one looks like the rays of sun are shining just for that couple! And the man on the dance floor cracked me up!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful images! I am a sucker for wedding photography too...

Anonymous said...

These are some awesome shots! You did a great job selecting these! My favorite is the last one-- so swoon worthy!