Coach Me

Conversation between SexyHusband and I:
Me :: I’m so excited! I just heard that Coach has opened a store in town!
SH :: A ‘coach’ store?
Me :: Yes!
SH :: What do they sell? Whistles and clipboards? [insert chortle of a witty guy here]
Me :: You are a very funny guy.
SH :: Yep.


Selection from Coach's New Hamptons Collection

ps. SexyHusband, I'm quite fond of the Hamptons Leather Turnlock Wristlet in beet.


Sarah said...

Checking Coach's website for updates is right up there with wedding blogs RSS feeds.

Congrats on the new store in town... and apologies to your wallet.

Jennifer said...

hahaha, too cute! :)

Lemiga Event Planning said...

I think I've had a similar conversation with my husband.

I'm sooo in love with that purple bag.

By the way, thanks so much for the kind words on my blog!

Kell said...

It's true! There are three Coach stores in Toronto: Eaton's Centre, Yorkdale and Yorkville. And they are all goooooorgeous.

I know this because I visited on this weekend (heehee).

Morgan said...

I am also uber excited for the new store - I am going to visit today....but looking, and no buying for me!

Mrs. Designher said...

OH NO!! Shame on you!! I'm a Coach-a-holic!! :)


teardropweddings said...

I am swooning right now...