I Heart Knubbig.... What?

Who doesn't love Ikea? And all of the wonderfulness you can find there?

My current objects of affection are these resplendent little table lamps – Knubbig. They come in two different sizes; the little one is the size of your two hands together. They are about $10 and $17.

I would really like to use them on the patio at the wedding I’m doing on the 13th of July. Then I don’t have to worry about the candles in the wind. Hmmmm….


And, if one could remove the electrical, you could put a candle in there as an alternative. Hmmm....

Source :: Knubbig at Ikea


Melissa DiStefano said...

These make me wish I had an IKEA within 100 miles of me! :(

Lisa from Blush said...

Oh no Melissa, sorry! Can you shop online?

Ellen said...

I was just at Ikea this past weekend and picked up two for a friend! I was dying to grab a few for myself, but I couldn't think of where to put them :o)

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me how to put a bulb in these?? Ive just got one, and the I cant get it in!!

Anonymous said...

I conquered the KNUBBIG! To change the bulb; UNPLUG the whole thing so you don't get shocked, then hold the inside with pliers and unscrew the plastic part on the outside with another pair of pliers. Look close, its a plastic threaded nut on the outside. Loosen the fixture but don't remove it from the lamp. Thread the new bulb while the fixture is still in the lamp. If you remove it it won't fit back in. That's it! Have fun KNUBBIGING!