The Proposal - Part I

My husband is pretty fantastic, he thought long and hard about how he wanted to propose to me in a way that would be perfect for us. He wanted to find a spot that would always be there, a place we can go back to and reminisce; he didn't want to ask me in our house in case we moved someday, and he didn't want to propose in some anonymous restaurant in case it ever closed. He proposed at 8,000 feet, on the top of a mountain called 'Blue Heaven'. The chair lift is called 'Stairway to Heaven' and afterward we skied down a run called 'Cloud Nine'.

Where would your perfect proposal be?

A picnic?
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On the beach?
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Or like this guy asked this girl? In a gallery. This is incredible; a must watch... See below...


aletha @ pearls events said...

Oh goodness. Creativity is def. something that my husband lacks. Our proposal story does not include a romantic or picturesque location. Greg proposed to me in my living room after I got home from working out. Not too glamourous.

He basically just stopped by after work, on his way home--I thought--to say goodbye as I was off to California on vaca the next day with a friend. Well, he popped the question and we went out for dinner instead. I suppose it WAS a surprise, but not creative by any means.

I think my ideal proposal would have been camping (which we enjoy doing in the summer) up north in Michigan while watching one of those ideal sunsets we have on Lake Michigan.

the garden maiden said...

I think if you are truly in love the location is really less than important. My husband proposed to me in the parking lot of our cities mall as he dropped me off to work. Needless to say I didn't go to work that day! 32 yrs later I still get sentimental and I can't go to the mall without thinking about the moment and the sweetness of it all, but if I had to chose a place I would chose an ocean setting. My son proposed to his wife on a kayaking trip, and to make it even more memorable they lost their kayak off the top on the way home. Life has a way of making an enchanting moment even more memorable. Reality is very grounding.