Pretty Pretty Table

Couldn't this picture just inspire your entire wedding? The rich celadon and crisp white are so fresh and young against the dramatic and ornate fireplace; one could spin this classic look into many different theme ideas: a bridesmaids luncheon just off a sandy beach, “Brunch at Tiffany’s” for your mom, sisters, cousins, aunts and grandmothers. Or, in honour of the upcoming season, one could whirl this into a frosty, glamorous, winter wedding with ease. What does this inspire in you?

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Love the use of the paper flowers, and, can you see? They've set the table with the spoons down. Love that too!

Pictures from Brides.com


Jennifer said...

I would love to know how they did the paper flowers! Very pretty!

perfect bound said...

Dare I say this makes the perfect baby shower table setting too. Can't you just see celebrating the arrival of a little baby boy admist all this blue!