Gal Pals

A while ago Liene of Blue Orchid Designs posted a wonderful idea to bring an exceptionally nice hanger to hang your dress from when your phototgrapher is taking that must have photo of your wedding dress. Brilliant.

I found some nice hangers (enough for the bridesmaids dresses too) and now I need a bigger "Wedding Day Emergency Kit". (Anyone know where I can find a really big pink toolbox?) Now that I'll have more room, I can fill it with more stuff.

I've now added one of my favourite handy things. Gal Pals. Have you heard of them? They've definitely saved my LBD and my embarassment from those dreaded white deodorant marks.

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They are so simple to use, you just take the cute little pink sponge and wipe it on your clothing in the direction of the grain of the fabric and ... that's it! Gone.

They come in a travel size too!
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Eric said...

I just want to add that you need to try out the hangar first! So many times a bride has brought her own hangar for this very reason only to find out on the day of the wedding that the straps on the dress just slide off a smooth wooden hangar. Bring a very sturdy kind with notches, some of those gowns are heavy!

Lisa from Blush said...

Thanks Eric!

Kim @ The Event Essentials said...

I LOVE your idea for a pink tool box. I TOTALLY have to find one now too. My day of emergency box just keeps growing and growing.

Just a fun idea ... I buy really nice wooden hangers, doll them up with the brides monogram and some swarovski rhinestones, and give to them with a card on their wedding day -- as a thank you gift for being a "client". They LOVE it!! ... and the monogram looks great in photos!