Snow Day

Should have been a snow day. The first picture is of my commute. I really wish you could see the stuck and abandoned vehicles that I was about to run into; it was like driving through an obstacle course to get up the hill. I love my vehicle!

The second is a picture a friend took when I got out of my suv. That's mine, right behind me, with the clear windshield. And that's me running through about 6-7 inches of snow (eep! my purse looks huge!).

When I left my house there wasn't one single flake falling.
Crazy, crazy weather.



christine said...

Haha, Lisa! This HAD to of been this past weekend, we got the same freak storm in Edmonton!! I wonder if anyone got a fabulous winter wedding in April??

And they say it's going to be 20 degrees on Sunday... welcome to Alberta, hey!

Lisa from Blush said...

This is today! Right now! And it's still snowing. I have no idea how we're all going to get home. It took two and a half hours to get to my office. It'll take four hours to get home tonight.

I have to admit that I love it though, and we need the moisture. And it will be 20 degrees (Celcius) on Sunday, SexyHusband and I are going mountain biking.

christine said...

Oh my gosh today!! That's crazy, I'm looking outside at a sunny snowless Edmonton!

Sending sunny thoughts your way!! Drive safe and enjoy mountain biking (hopefully)!

Robyn said...

what in the name of SPRING BREAK is going on? Where, dear Lisa from Blush, do you live?? Please say Northern Iceland. Anywhere else has no business looking like this TODAY, April 10!!!!
Stop in the name of LOVE!
OK, seriously, you are entirely too sweet and good natured about this whole thing. Please come stay with me in FL when you can no longer take it. Until then, I have to go find a heating pad or something right now to help me recover from the empathy chills I am experiencing.
STAY WARM and be careful for goodness sakes!

Jennifer said...

Holy Crap! Is that normal?! Just seeing all that snow makes me cold! The whole city of Atlanta practically shuts down when there are flurries...if it snowed like that here, I WOULD be moving to Flordia to stay with Robyn! hehe

Big Shot said...

I tag you!!

Lisa from Blush said...

Hi all,
just wanted to respond, I'm still alive, we survived. As a matter of fact, the snow was already melting when we drove home that day. The snow is all completely gone now and, as a matter of fact, it was so nice out yesterday SexyHusband was out doing yardwork in shorts and a t-shirt. We live in a crazy, crazy place, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I love every minute of it. Snow in April - whatever!