I know this isn't green but...

I would like to take a quick moment to thank Karey, who is the publisher of a great blog called Mackin Ink and a Design & Crafts Editor for sk*rt.

She saw the picture by evoke photography I posted last Thursday and it moved her enough to post it on sk*rt. This emotional moment when a father 'gives his daugter away' is currently in the lead for the most popular of the week!

So a big thank you to Karey and a great big hello and welcome to all those people that have been directed here via sk*rt.

Here's the picture again.



karey m. said...

it's always nice to welcome new guests, right? i'm happy it was so well-received...says a lot about who's sk*rting, which makes me very proud.

as you should be, too. hope you've added many more fans to your beautifully beautiful and sweetly sweet site.

i'm on that list.

olivier lalin said...

Funny Shot!
Daddy changed his mind and decided not to give his little bird away after all to this untrustworthy pretender!~ All to say that once the big Day is gone, only remains beautiful memories and "hopefully" stunning images of your wedding day.
Great Shot.