To Veil or Not to Veil

A reader, Serena, emailed and asked my opinion on veils – to wear or not to wear?

I like the idea of a bride wearing a veil as there are not many days in one’s life that one can wear a veil and, in my opinion, they epitomize the bridal ensemble.

Of course, the best part about wearing a veil is having the option to take it off, so, at the very least, give yourself the choice.

Not one to post without photos, here are eight reasons to wear a veil. At least for a little while.

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Photo Credits:
1 Firefly Studio, [b]ecker, Jessica Strickland
2 Elizabeth Messina, Leigh Miller Photography, Boutswell Studio
3 Alan Maudie, Elizabeth Messina

Thanks for your question Serena, I hope this helps! Should anyone else have any questions or requests please feel free!


aletha @ pearls events said...

I wasn't sure if I was the veil-wearing-kinda-girl, but once I put one on, I was hooked! Love the pictures on this post. :)

One Love Photo said...

As a wedding photographer I enjoy shooting a bride with a veil! It adds a new layer of depth and detail...plus it's just so pretty! I am hoping to get a bride that wears classic cage veil this summer (love those!)