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My sexy husband, Andy, and I went out to a pub last Friday with our friends Hana and Adam, we were actually out to see Adam perform; he plays the guitar and sings lead vocals.

This super fun couple are our friends and will probably {yay!} be clients as they are going to be married next year. The spirit of the evening, listening to Adam’s fantastic renditions of some classic songs, and being witness to the smitten glances between Hana and Adam got me thinking about their wedding and some of the finer details. Then I remembered these pictures I had stored away for inspiration.

I'm thinking that a guitar would be a great guest book at Hana and Adam’s wedding. It's a big part of their lives and I'm pretty sure it was a feature early in their relationship. It's a unique idea, just like them. It would make a wonderful keepsake and it could be proudly displayed in their home afterwards, instead of stuffed in a wedding treasures box only to be dusted off once in a while. I love the idea. I’ll have to let you know what they think.


Photo Credits:
1 Grace Ormonde
2 I don't know! Sorry! If this is yours or you know whose it is please email me. I think it was probably a Knottie.


Lauren said...

That's an awesome idea! Maybe a little pricey for a guest book, but if it's something that they can display in their home, definitely worth it. :-)

Pia Jane said...

Lisa that is such an awesome idea! Love it, i really hope they do this. And thank you for your beautiful words and for introducing my blog, i really can't thank you enough. Friends indeed! Happy Holidays px

Lisa from Blush said...

you are so welcome!


One Love Photo said...

Great idea! I wish we would have done this, since my husband has 15 plus guitars.

s. said...

hi, this is my first time to your blog and i love it! this guitar idea is fabulous! so creative. my guy dreams of being a genius on one of those bad boys...hmmm...i'm keeping this in mind :)