Pretty Picture :: Kissing + Swinging

I need a little happy as I'm off to the dentist this afternoon {insert sad, pouty face here}. This picture made me happy - don't they just look adorable? And sooooooo in love!


Source :: Susan and Stewart Powers.


Real Wedding :: Spy + Spy

Or should I say "Reel Wedding"? My very favourite thing about weddings is when a couple injects their personality into their special day. It's my very favourite thing.

This couple took that to an entirely new level; Nikki + David both work in the film industry and reflected that into their day.

View their Wedding Trailer here ::

'Getting Married' Trailer from David Malki ! on Vimeo.

And here are some details from the day ::

The entire bridal party wore Converse Chucks {did you know you can design your own?}, the groom designed the cake {note the second layer riddled with bullet holes}, and made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.

This blog will self destruct in five seconds..... {jk!}

Winter + Summer Engagement Pics

How clever is this couple? Meet Benny + Sharon. When they approached their photographer, Calla Evans, they had the inspired idea to have two sets of engagement photos done.

One in the Winter ::

And the other in the Summer ::



Idea :: Kitchen Party

Last year a girlfriend of mine surprised me with a lovely gift. We attended a cooking class at my favourite gourmet shop The Cookbook Co. Cooks. We were perched on stools, sipping wine, watching and gleaning every ounce of information we could from the guest chef and owner of Quarry Bistro & Wine Bar, David Wyse. It was such a great evening! Filled with an overabundance of information, fantastic food, and the company of like-minded would-be cooks. We laughed, we ate, and we left – stuffed!

I thought I would like to go back and try one of their hands-on cooking classes with SexyHusband; they have Friday and Saturday “Night Out: Couples Classes”. Anyway, it got me thinking, wouldn’t this be a great gift for a newlywed couple? It just might be perfect for the couple looking to cook a lifetime of meals together.


I also noticed that the The Cookbook Co. Cooks offers Private Parties. Wouldn’t this be a great function for a bridal shower? Or a couples shower? Nice, clean, delicious, fun!

Take a look around your city for similar opportunities!


Real Wedding :: Janey + Mark

This wedding is so lovely and the bride + groom are clearly having such a wonderful time, I just had to show some more photos. The bride wore Vera Wang, the groom wore flip flops. The guests wore white and tan. And sand - it was near the beach after all..


Source :: Janey + Mark’s Wedding by the divine and beautiful Jasmine Star.

Pretty Picture :: First Dance

Look how Jasmine captured the couple's shadow on the wall...


Source :: Janey + Mark’s Wedding by Jasmine Star.

Pretty Picture :: Parasol

I know, I know, parasols aren't a new trend and we've all seen them before... but, there is a reason we still love them and want to use them in our weddings...


Source :: Janey + Mark’s Wedding by Jasmine Star.


Vanilla Bake Shop

What are you doing today? I’m wishing I had cake. And cupcakes. And Stuffed Cupcakes. And Cupcake Babies.

Where oh where would I find these sin-tastic treats? Vanilla Bake Shop.

Vanilla Bake Shop is the delectable conception of couple-preneur Amy & Jeremy Berman, a husband + wife team in love with each other and in love with their work. Based out of Santa Monica, CA, they are celebrating a sweet life and sweet success.

They make Classic Wedding Cakes ::

Fun Wedding Cakes ::
{Love the Hugs + Kisses cake - the red striped one on the left}

Cupcakes ::

And Sweet Treats ::

I think the only way you’ll find out which cupcake flavour is your favourite is by stopping in every day! If I were anywhere nearby I’d pick up a six pack of Blackberry Passion Fruit*, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Meyer Lemon Raspberry*, Pumpkin, Spicy Carrot , and a Toasted Coconut. And... I might have to follow with an Our German Chocolate Cake chaser.

(*) Stuffed Cupcake!

Visit Vanilla Bake Shop for all their flavours.

Inspiration :: Rehearsal Dinner Invite

I was browsing through the cards at Chapters a couple of days ago and came across this fantastic card by Papyrus. It's actually a 'thank you for dinner' card but, with a little modification I thought it would make a great invitation to your rehearsal dinner.


This picture doesn't really do the card justice, it's actually 3D as the plates are popped off the page and the silverware are charms. Super cute.


Manuel Mota for Pronovias 2009 Preview Collection

If romance were a dress, the designer would be Manuel Mota for Pronovias.

His designs are delicate, graceful, and perfectly stylish. They are feminine and are exactly what dreams are made of. Remember, in my earlier post, I said the dresses were dreamy? See for yourself ::

{Varsovia, Vanessa, and Varselles}

{Vainilla} Love the name!

And my personal favourite ::

To view the entire collection visit Pronovias.


Pronovias 2009 Preview Collection 2009

Our next installment is a little glimpse at the 2009 Pronovias Fiesta Preview Collection which is their special occasion line. The website says "The new Pronovias Collection is a real party". Love! These dresses would make dynamite bridesmaid dresses, or, depending on the bride, a fantastic cocktail dress to change into later in the evening.


To view the entire collection visit Pronovias.

Pronovias 2009 Preview Collection

I thought we’d make it dress day here at Blush. Dreamy dress day. Dreamy dresses from the Pronovias 2009 Preview Collection.

{Haya and Hillary}

The detail on the back of these dresses is amazing ::
{Hiedra and Halar}

To view the entire collection visit Pronovias.


Anniversary Two

SexyHusband and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary today. It's been an eventful year for us and I can say, with utmost sincerity and positivity, that I love him more and more every day we're together.

Happy Anniversary babe, you and I are everything that true love is meant to be.


If you're interested you can see more of our wedding photos on last year's post.


Source :: Anton Photo Group


Sweet Chemise

I neglected to let you know that I took last week off – from everything. I didn’t intend on neglecting the blog, it was just an accident.

SexyHusband and I took this last week to enjoy our own city and to get some things done around the house. We went golfing with my Mom + Dad, enjoyed a tour of our local brewery (hiccup!), organized our basement, had the neighbours over, and attended a wedding of some dear friends (Congratulations Jo + Byron!).


Sources :: Jupiter Images, Big Rock Brewery, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Muse Photography.

It was really, really enjoyable to attend a wedding that I had absolutely no hand in planning. I was just a guest and it was incredibly refreshing and delightful. I was also overjoyed because I could wear a cute little dress with high heels! I tend to wear capris, a fantastic top, and some cute ballet slippers when I work weddings.

I love dresses and am in perpetual pursuit of the perfect 'Little Black Dress'. Or 'Little Red Dress'. Or 'Little Ivory Linen Dress with Big Chocolate Flowers Sweetly Sprinkled On The Skirt with a Grosgrain Ribbon to Tie in a Pleasant Bow at the Waist'.

I wore this cute little number I found shopping with Cooper, my very best girlfriend. She wasn’t impressed at all when she found the dress and there was only one size left – mine! (xoxo!)


The Stunning in vanilla + cocoa.

Anyway, I decided to Google the manufacturer and was delightfully surprised to find out they have more fantastic dresses. Sweet Chemise is a company based out of Vancouver, Canada but distributes their dresses to fine shops all across North America. Sweet indeed!

From their Spring 2008 collection ::

The Stunning in black + cream, The Euphoria, The Obsession, The Smitten, The Rave :: all found on sale (!) at Maison de Moi.

From their Fall/Winter 2008 Collection ::

The Drama, The Muse, The Mystery, The Fancy, The Charmed :: all found at Sweet Chemise.


Pretty Picture :: Ring Shot

Love. Ring + Flare = Love.


Source :: the ever fabulous Rob&Lauren