Vanilla Bake Shop

What are you doing today? I’m wishing I had cake. And cupcakes. And Stuffed Cupcakes. And Cupcake Babies.

Where oh where would I find these sin-tastic treats? Vanilla Bake Shop.

Vanilla Bake Shop is the delectable conception of couple-preneur Amy & Jeremy Berman, a husband + wife team in love with each other and in love with their work. Based out of Santa Monica, CA, they are celebrating a sweet life and sweet success.

They make Classic Wedding Cakes ::

Fun Wedding Cakes ::
{Love the Hugs + Kisses cake - the red striped one on the left}

Cupcakes ::

And Sweet Treats ::

I think the only way you’ll find out which cupcake flavour is your favourite is by stopping in every day! If I were anywhere nearby I’d pick up a six pack of Blackberry Passion Fruit*, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Meyer Lemon Raspberry*, Pumpkin, Spicy Carrot , and a Toasted Coconut. And... I might have to follow with an Our German Chocolate Cake chaser.

(*) Stuffed Cupcake!

Visit Vanilla Bake Shop for all their flavours.


Julia said...

ooohhh yum!!! I especially love the brown "fun wedding cake" - but the best would be having them set up an entire dessert table at your wedding - yummo!

The Everyday Bride said...

as always...endless inspiration! glad you liked the link! and fyi, I LOVE your blog. like, l-o-v-e, love, love, love your blog!

The Virtual Bridesmaid said...


The Virtual Bridesmaid