Idea :: Kitchen Party

Last year a girlfriend of mine surprised me with a lovely gift. We attended a cooking class at my favourite gourmet shop The Cookbook Co. Cooks. We were perched on stools, sipping wine, watching and gleaning every ounce of information we could from the guest chef and owner of Quarry Bistro & Wine Bar, David Wyse. It was such a great evening! Filled with an overabundance of information, fantastic food, and the company of like-minded would-be cooks. We laughed, we ate, and we left – stuffed!

I thought I would like to go back and try one of their hands-on cooking classes with SexyHusband; they have Friday and Saturday “Night Out: Couples Classes”. Anyway, it got me thinking, wouldn’t this be a great gift for a newlywed couple? It just might be perfect for the couple looking to cook a lifetime of meals together.


I also noticed that the The Cookbook Co. Cooks offers Private Parties. Wouldn’t this be a great function for a bridal shower? Or a couples shower? Nice, clean, delicious, fun!

Take a look around your city for similar opportunities!


aletha :: pearls events said...

Ooh, this would be a blast. I wish I enjoyed cooking...something to work on, I suppose.

Lindsey said...

How much fun would that be? What a cool idea. I love to cook and so does my husband we totally would have done something like that if it was presented to us.

The Virtual Bridesmaid said...

I love this idea!

The Virtual Bridesmaid