Sweet Chemise

I neglected to let you know that I took last week off – from everything. I didn’t intend on neglecting the blog, it was just an accident.

SexyHusband and I took this last week to enjoy our own city and to get some things done around the house. We went golfing with my Mom + Dad, enjoyed a tour of our local brewery (hiccup!), organized our basement, had the neighbours over, and attended a wedding of some dear friends (Congratulations Jo + Byron!).


Sources :: Jupiter Images, Big Rock Brewery, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Muse Photography.

It was really, really enjoyable to attend a wedding that I had absolutely no hand in planning. I was just a guest and it was incredibly refreshing and delightful. I was also overjoyed because I could wear a cute little dress with high heels! I tend to wear capris, a fantastic top, and some cute ballet slippers when I work weddings.

I love dresses and am in perpetual pursuit of the perfect 'Little Black Dress'. Or 'Little Red Dress'. Or 'Little Ivory Linen Dress with Big Chocolate Flowers Sweetly Sprinkled On The Skirt with a Grosgrain Ribbon to Tie in a Pleasant Bow at the Waist'.

I wore this cute little number I found shopping with Cooper, my very best girlfriend. She wasn’t impressed at all when she found the dress and there was only one size left – mine! (xoxo!)


The Stunning in vanilla + cocoa.

Anyway, I decided to Google the manufacturer and was delightfully surprised to find out they have more fantastic dresses. Sweet Chemise is a company based out of Vancouver, Canada but distributes their dresses to fine shops all across North America. Sweet indeed!

From their Spring 2008 collection ::

The Stunning in black + cream, The Euphoria, The Obsession, The Smitten, The Rave :: all found on sale (!) at Maison de Moi.

From their Fall/Winter 2008 Collection ::

The Drama, The Muse, The Mystery, The Fancy, The Charmed :: all found at Sweet Chemise.

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