Today is my Mom's birthday - happy birthday Mom!

In honor of her special day I thought I would post a few photos of mother daughter moments but it proved to be more difficult than I thought. i don't normally go in search of photos {because you never find what you're looking for} but the lack of captured moments between a bride and her mom was a little disappointing. There are plenty of moments of brides and their Dads walking down the aisle and sharing the first dance but Mom kind of gets left out. I'll tell you why I'm so sensitive to this, I'll always regret it, I only have a couple of candid photos of me and my mom from our wedding, we forgot to get something formal. So, let's use this as a reminder, make sure you capture all of those special photos of all the special people in your life.

I did find a few amazing moments::

Sources:: Clockwise from upper left, Susan Stripling, Alan Maudie, Millie Holloman, and Susan Stripling again.

Mom and Dad are in Arizona for the winter and I miss them both terribly - I can't wait until you come home! More!

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Anonymous said...

As a photographer I find it disappointing that there are not more events in a wedding day that officially involve the mother of the bride. The Dad gets to walk the bride down the aisle and also gets a father/daughter dance which gives photographers lots of opportunity to capture some nice moments between a Dad and his daughter. I wish there was the same opportunity for capturing moments between a mum and her daughter. I am excited that more brides are opting to have both parents walking them down the aisle. That is an improvement.