Cake Monkey Bakery

I want to go to LA right now. The shopping, the weather, Disneyland, Hollywood, the celebrities and the Oscars are coming up next weekend. But really, right now, I would hop on a plane to get me some cake. Specifically, this six inch Chocolate Caramel Cake with Carmelized Rice Krispies from Cake Monkey Bakery.

And while I would love to eat this cake all in one sitting {I wouldn’t}, these adorable mini layer cakes might be better on the waistline {I would}.

Then there are their adorable and delectable snack treats like Yo-hos and Pop Pies and Inside Out S'Mores ::

And look how fancy! The application of Cake Monkey's cakes is endless. Showers, engagement parties, bridesmaid teas, rehearsal dinners, dessert buffets and favours. Deliciously fabulous.

Cake Monkey Bakery

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