The Truth Hurts :: Wedding Cards

You know how you can never find the perfect card? And even if you do, it just sugar coats what you're really thinking? These "Footnote Collection" cards by Old Tom Foolery might just say exactly what you have in mind.*



The next one contains profanity (the 'f' word) - sorry! I just thought is was so funny. And, so appropriate for some!

{I altered this card, it actually says the real word}

*while I find these cards amusing, I would never actually send one!**

**well... maybe!

Find cards for all occasions at Old Tom Foolery.


Ainsley said...

These are exactly my sense of humor, I love them. For the right friend, who knows you and your sense of humor very well, they are actually a nice little alternative to the "Wishing you a lifetime of hapiness" that they are going to get from everyone else.

CTemp said...

i think that sending something real from that you make from the heart is the best. we need more authenticity in our lives these days. enough of the bulk, low touch things to "check the box" so we can say we did it. Back to making it real.


Jennifer said...

I actually came across these at the National Stationary Show and was laughing hysterically when I read them!

Kristy Goldman said...

I am a regular reader and think you have some beautiful weddings featured on your blog! I would love to link to you with your permission and be added to your blog roll.


Brittany said...

These cards are hilarious-- what a great idea!

Rachel said...

I love these. I hope I get one for my wedding!