Club Wedd Couples

I just adore these couples. I wish I could draw. Or paint.

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Courtesy of Target's Club Wedd.

And, just so you know, we're the first couple. My husband and I. I swear that's a snapshot of our kitchen. But I'm not that tall. Or that slim. But I have hair that dark and I love her shoes. I'm positive that Andy has that exact outfit. And that's the colour of his hair. And he is that tall. And my Kitchenaid is white. But, it really is us. Which one are you? Or,... which couple do you want to be?

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Anonymous said...

I'd have to say my husband and I are the couple in the red car. He's the one who usually drives while I'm preoccupied with a magazine or book. Our dog, Jasper loves being in the car with us. All we have to do is jingle the keys. Yup, that's us.

Martha B.