Cake Topper :: Bunny Love

Wouldn't this make an adorable cake topper?


Made by Etsy artist Orit Dotan’s Dolls.


Jenny said...

These are SOO cute! We have 4 little pet bunnies and I've been going back and forth over whether or not to have a cake topper or just go with flowers. This is a great idea I will definitely consider! Especially since my hubby-to-be calls me "bunny."

Thanks for the post!

Gray Photography - Zach and Jody - Nashville Wedding Photography said...

ha ha cute! -JG

Ehvie said...

These are really the cutest cake toppers I have ever seen. Do you have cute wedding cake toppers too?

Brandie said...

Love these cute bunnies. I like the humor of this topper - one of my favorite topper. I would really include this on my list of option.